I am sparkling like a star in a deep blanket of blue
There is a sense of growing, getting to know myself through knowing you
and it’s a feeling of mind-gasm
I have internal heart spasms at this evolution within me
Motivation through integrity, Enjoying the moment it’s hard to see the future
Not that it matters, it’s just that psychic connection again
I am blessed to have such friends, they push me to the ends of existence and back
My heart is under attack by demand of love’s arrow
it’s been punctured deep, how far it goes is unknown to me
Regardless I am finding freedom through love
learning to move, grooving on a whole new vibe
These thoughts remain, taking me from morning to night
it’s an ecstasy of unexplainable proportions; at times fading to return to me renewed
I have a slew of emotion, I am not bold enough to show
I only know what’s happening on this internal plane
attempting to show this love with no shame
no time for games in the play of appreciations
no time to delay external satisfactions
Overwhelmed, gushing inside
excited I have you in my life.

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