Madge Midgely Kreations is the public soap box for the muli-talented Mandie Shattuck.  Here she will give back to the world through sharing her mental, physical spiritual and creative process’.

Originally a Wyoming Native, Mandie has been traveling to and from the Rocky Mountains and the West Coast for the last ten years.  Along the way she has made friends and  had amazing adventures.  She has created and collaborated with brilliant young minds, and  strives to be a positive influence to those she meets.

This blog hopes to serve those who have a hard time expressing how they feel.  Many of the things you read and see here will resonate with a deep part of you that may have left you feeling alienated in the past.  The mission is to bring people together through collective compassion, understanding and personal evolution.  There are times when use of language is very rough and raw, and some of the comedic themes may be seen as dark.  This is to honor the light and shadow that exist in each individual.  There is not one without the other.  You are invited to explore and discuss those parts of yourself, here, now.

All posts are solely owned by the author unless otherwise reblogged posts from other writers.

If you have interest in use of any of this material, please use the contact link to inquire about permission.  Links and excerpts of this original material may be used with permission and as long as the author is credited for their work.

A portal of inner exploration

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