Good enough to note

“Excuse me… those of you across the pond; yes. Could you enunciate just a bit better, and without the accent. Please?…. What’s that? Interesting.”

Meaning to say, as a 29 year old who neglected to get a degree at a young age, and chose poverty and “dropping out and just living, then deciding on school later,” I have found that those crucial years of exploration and development were cr…ucial in finding who I WANT TO BE. I am no longer blinded by the luster of motion and confusion that is a 19 year old; rather I am a focused and grounded 29 year old who knows her spiritual pursuits, has a strong grasp on boundaries and understands a course of service which is appropriate for her, even if unconventional. This is the School of Life where I have gotten a Masters in Observation and a Doctorate in Conscious Evolution always choosing to be a professional student. Universities in my opinion should be more like trade schools; wherein an individual can find their niche with creative talent always building on possibilities; whether it is with numbers, words or food. The off shoot of those classes would deal with the actual interpersonal relationships, the psychological effects and perhaps financial aspects of a certain trade. The complaint I hear so often from those with degrees; is that their education never quite met their passion. That they were basically forced into boxes negated by an income bracket. Then later forced to slip into jobs that undermined their intelligence, creativity, or broad minded thinking. Worse yet there were those who couldn’t find jobs at all because their degree was basically outdated, or the job pool was flooded by those over qualified. Those who followed a passion to share with others, became teachers and are usually under paid. I have learned so much through the “full immersion”‘ process that I can safely say that an ability to learn to jump through hoops is not only taught at university level, it is inherently part of the growing and survival process in the modern human. Equal sides to the coin are those pushing the youth to jump into education, and forcing them to dedicate themselves to something, even if it it an MRS. degree. My suggestion is this; if school doesn’t resonate right away, live. Live, learn, love and laugh. Figure out what is and is not good for you. Be bold, lose fear and shine bright. If you always seek your service and your niche, it will come to you. It may not come in a classroom, it may not be conventional, but when you find it, you will know why you have lived the life you have. Your will understand why certain people have come into your life. Every odd job, and obscure circumstance will come into full view. You will know your purpose and the Angelic entities that surround you will do everything in their power to protect and see you through the mission. This will never be taught in any other school than the School of Life… every other institution is merely just gateway into the real experience of what we are here to do.
Until we, as individuals step into our power to change, help and augment the human condition by evolving ourselves, we will stay in the shadow of our predecessors. Schools will only give us the basic tools we need to start chipping away at our spiritual surface. It will be the realization that our collective gifts, talents, and passions that will be the answer to the gap in art; consciousness, technology and communication.
The old systems are no longer working, and we ARE the ONES we have been WAITING FOR. Change yourself, Change the world. We don’t want a Revolution, WE ARE THE EVOLUTION!!!!!