Very Serious Problems with the WDBJ Shooting Story

This article asks some very logical, and straight forward questions .

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton


Why Did They Move Cameraman Adam Ward’s Body?

UPDATE: Fake “alternative” website Mike Rivero of What Really Happened” blames the “nutcase” Flanagan and claims Trump is right when he says it’s the “crazies” we have to worry about.

“I know a lot of people are saying it was a false flag but I think they’re wrong because it doesn’t make a case for gun control when this guy clearly shouldn’t have been allowed to get a gun in the first place’ Mike Rivero

And that is exactly what Bloomberg’s “hygiene law” is all about.

When asked by a caller about her running away after 6 shots were fired, Mike Rivero shouts him down and cuts him off then lies and says she only takes “a few steps” and “I don’t think that proves anything”

You should all remember, Mike Rivero will hang up on you if you…

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