The One Epiphany

The One Epiphany


Affirmations mean something.

Think of all those times you told yourself that you suck.

Or maybe you aren’t “good “ it.


Or maybe how many times you confirmed you were “lucky.”

We have categorized ourselves, and chanted mantras we call labels; embedding ourselves in archetypes we don’t necessarily want, but feel are necessary.  Some one has to be the ”loser” and the “winner,” right?

You can observe any group of people and see the power trips and roles everyone steps in to.  While in their minds and hearts, they feel so much more than they express.  Just day to day dealing, taking over the roles of our forefathers.


The styles change, and yet, the attitudes stay the same?


I do see the cracking of a brilliant uprising.

The take off is perhaps slower than some one of this “instant gratification” mind set would like… but it IS happening.


I remember where I come from.   It seemed so behind; on fashion… I had to travel at least 50 miles away for anything “hip.”  I thought style had something to say about how progressive a place was, and it was obvious to me; my home town was not it.


Now, I am not going to say I am a fashion guru, or anything; but I have noticed that things I sway toward, end up finding their way into main stream.  Not because I copy any one,  but because I work with what I have.  It is ecclectic and recycled.  I make unique personalization where I can.


That plain and simple is my take on EVERYTHING.

That is how I have lived, even when I lived in a place where thinking that way was treated as unacceptable by most authority.

And yet those who supported it, are the reason I continue today.  Attempting to allow the Authenticity to SHINE.

So we go back to things changing and the need for affirmation.


Well, where I come from, I thought, “this is so bass ak-wards. This will be the last place that get’s it.”

I couldn’t explain “it” to you then, but all it is, is  truth and authenticity…

I am glad to say that I think my peers are getting it.  I think it is less where we came from, but who in our hearts we knew we wanted to be.  We just had the open spaces to experience it.

Those of us, who chose to grow up where we did; when we did, to those family we choose.  We did so because  we knew the time was right, and what we had to do was important.  We would also have the right space and freedoms; as well as challenges to formulate those ideals for ourselves.

Perhaps we don’t remind ourselves and each other that enough.


We ARE here for something.

We Do have a lot  to learn, and teach.

Things are changing and it is BECAUSE of US!

Perhaps that is the affirmation we all need.


Not sometimes,




Not all of us are blessed with wide open spaces, or rugged outdoor places to see divinity in  it’s more serene state.  Perhaps all you have is the bustling city.


Regardless, the face of creation and expansive expression is there.

And YOU are a part of it.

It is not unattainable.



People most recognize and love this in children.  Especially their own.

They are in awe at their own creation.

But each of us, is that.

Embodiment of creation.

We are nothing but creativity.

Every idea, every movement.

Every sentence, and every action.

Good, or bad.  To each his or her own…


It is an improvisational play, where most of the roles are inherited; picked up, adopted… but our amazing creativity allows so much more.


The secret caverns of our heart tell us through weird emotions like, jealousy, and anger.

There must be; there is, so much more!

If you have ever said to yourself; I wish I was an artist, a writer, an actor, a musician.


I would say to you this, You ARE!

You have every moment to be an artist at living life. Dancing your way through circumstance and painting yourself OUT of a corner.

A writer of your own script, for your life; through your affirmation and attitude.  Will you only observe or will you chose to participate?

You are the star of your life, and you can be anything you chose, but only if you take action through choice… other wise you are chosen by life for the role you play in the cast. You can only ask yourself how you ended up in the ensemble if you never stood up for the staring role.

And YOU and only you can beat YOUR drum, whether or not you follow the beat of those around you, is solely  up to you.  But every one has their own rhythm and style, it’s up to the player to practice their song.


Do not say you wish to be any of these things… Only realize you already are that which you seek, and step whole heartedly into your place.    If you don’t, you will have no one to blame but yourself for not taking a chance, on all you have been given; YOURSELF.


We are all feeling the growing pains of realization.  Encourage yourself, and one another as you see yourselves for who you forgot you were.