Tell me whats right

Is it proper to retreat at the first sign of defeat and oppression
When attempting domestic relations
I seem to find in this life of mine, every time I try to intertwine
Something is inherently lacking;
Usually trust and communication
Breaking relation in situations fated end
I ask why I even bother;
I’ll be happier alone tomorrow
Instead of walking the thin line again
I’m granted ‘monthly excuse’, but really whats the use
When truths radiation is bright
I am a freedom fighter, resistant to all forms of control
I go where I choose to go
I leave when my heart makes the call
I don’t want to fight, but you need to know
I am not tied by your strings
If you try and consume me, you’ll find me unwilling
I need space to think
Your suffocating me, and I’ve wondered where my life has started to go
Is this my path or am I on a detour;
On someone elses road
I think I am learning the lessons and completing my tasks
At least it appears that way when I take a look back
But this moment, feels so uncertain
I have worked hard for less stress
Now your testing these buttons
My means of escape and grounding are minimal
Sucked inside this stress filled hole
Suddenly I see boundaries around the life I use to know
I’m not use to calling a soul when I board the late train
You seem my actions as some lame game
But we are only responsible for ourselves
I apologize if I compromise the life you are use to
But if examination is taken;
You’ll realize I ‘m the one making all the changes
I am asking for compromise
Your balanced life meeting with mine
Neither of us deserves to be forsaken
You’re use to running the show
This is respected, and now I am asking for similar consideration