One Water, One Family

The dream of the family.  The one that is not so pulled away from what good times mean.  The ones who drink in one another’s company.  And despite difference see beneath it the string of familiarity and inescapable unity.  Who are we to deny this for ourselves in our humanity.  Who are we, as individuals, to be spreading anything more than that unity.  Who are we, to enable the disease of hate?   For until we all find a pinnacle of perfection in ourselves and one another, we are bound to continue breaking each other down.   Even you, in your individuality, are part of a system.  A system of parts and pieces that work together to bring function.  If your mind decides it does not love the self, then the mind will work against the body at every turn.  Eventually it will break down in illness.  If we do not love and support one another as a system, it will continue to break down.

In this system we are bigger than politics, bigger than natural disasters, more brighter and full of potential than any self help seminar.

When your mind rebels against your heart, you have set yourself against yourself.  It will, in time, turn you against those who support you.

All of these are thoughts,  which serve as  multidimensional creatures.  Thoughts do not just stay inside of the head, for they are not separate from the blood, and our blood is not separate from water. Water flows into us and out of us.  The water from source, the exhalation of prayers into the night sky and the clouds above. All water is a physical manifestation of thought.  It is our Earth’s life blood.  It is in a sense, the greatest library of existence, flowing through each of us, sustaining us.

Bless the water, bless yourselves.  The transmutation you deeply seek in these tumultuous times is one you have control over.  When you bless the water, and you bless yourself you chose with your thoughts and breathe to be the best and brightest form of yourself.  The wisdom of the water, the keeper of our thoughts; will bring to the surface that which best meets your needs at the time and place of your journey now.  For we know water can cut canyons, creating beauty.  But a tsunami  of water can also destroy what you always thought you knew.  It cleans you off when you are dirty, your life force builds within it when you are being cradled in the womb.  There is no terrain water has not touched, no scene in history when it did not exist.  The knowledge you seek is already in side of you.  Like a library, you will find the answers you seek, once you are looking in the right section.  First you must acknowledge a need to go where the answers are.  It is time to consciously walk through the door.

Duality Transcendence

mindIn my dream I was told that nothing was gonna happen, nothing was going to change, that the biggest deception of all, believing the world will rearrange.

And in my dream I thought to myself, well if nothing changes, than I refuse to go on, because I have a purpose inside that tells me I have to keep keepin’ on.

The East and the West are melding and lines have only been drawn in our minds. This Red Electric Skywalker will teach you to walk the thin line, then how to absolve what you find.

In physicality we have demonstrated demonology, we have played the part of duality, it has been inside of you and me for as long as we remember.

But when you slumber there are chances to rise above it.  To see what it has done to us.  You’ve chosen your own symbology, decided what it means to be: Human. 

But the Spirit in you, the one you haven’t given much credit to, has been on the sidelines this entire time guiding you through the mucky muck, when you thought it was just random luck.

Face it, we have been coerced to see the worst in ourselves and one another.  We understand now the possibility that lies within negativity. 

It’s become so blatant to see all around us.  We have fussed, and fought; been internally wrought with confusion.  We have ignored our own solutions.  The little hiding gem beneath the soiled dirt, beyond the pain and hurt, is love. 

Just love unconditional. 

When you dig down to find it, you will be guided by the light it gives.  And when you finally hold it in your hands, you understand the duality of man, and how to transcend it.  We weren’t left here with out devices to find love when the time was right.  So now, it is time for the light to absolve us.  To lighten the load below us.  To walk the clouds of confidence that lift us in love.

For the things you do not love in yourself, there is solution.  Change yourself in internal evolution, let your cells speak of revolution, for they are fighting  back.  When the vibrations of the lower start to choke you, let Universal Unconditional Love, stroke you back to health. 

You are a potential wealth of love.  No one can give it to you, find it for you, or tell you exactly where to go… but if you listen without judgment, that heaven sent map will guide you on your individual way, to the place of your hearts calling. 

So to those who dismiss the greatest mission we have ever had, well they just haven’t found theirs yet.

Let go of the things you’ve been told forever, walk through the stormy weather with a smile.  All the while knowing, that this motion is the needed emotion to making the world a little bit better. 

Again she said,

This is all in your head.

A letter to my Dad.

I might be going off the deep end here but re-watch the matrix… ok,feather (1) now what i am thinking is that when i break down all these names that have been happening through the generations here in America, i find common threads all over, so if we live in the matrix than it is a sort of string theory tying it all together.

Names in our family range from Robert, Amanda, and Franklin, to Makepeace, Submit, Appendix , Addendum, Randall, Thankful, Orange, Charity, Severance, Consider, Porter, Polly Esther (your kidding right?) Perry, Naddy… the list goes on and it is FUCKIN creative… a story tellers dream pit of fictional names.

The stories are funny because repetition is a bitch.  You know how many young men and women have lost their partners and children in this family?  Too many to mention.  It’s all been done before. SOO my methodical, logical, creative, imaginative, and analytical brain asks… well if all the signs are there that we have done this one way before, but the signs also say we were always trying to do something different, and handle things a different way, what is it we can do, in the here and now, with all that knowledge to do things so extremely and beneficially different that it is different than any time before with similar circumstance.

My answer is love.  My answer is to see the signs, and the connection, look through the bullshit and realize your divinity, your participation in making this bigger story possible.  Be content, astounded and amazed daily by it.  Giggle at the recognition.  Revel at the chance to change the future with this knowledge, pass it along as your heart feels fit.  That is what now is, all of us seeing that we have made this up forever, and now is a time to act and react differently than any time before.

I think the wisdom of the wise women was bestowed on me once, I am not sure where.  But they couldn’t pass it down in any other way, than the word through the vibration.There were pictures before there were letters, and when the letters took over, the pictures in their true meaning lost their importance, and so they sat sort of lost.  Until the vibration in their soul recognized their true meanings.  So is the story of all of time.  There have been powers desecrating the word, messing with it’s vibration for a very long time.  Civilizations  have been killed for it.  When once the story of time was passed from voice vibration, and picture, split faction.  The story changes but certain pivotal points remain as guide stones.  The rest is recognized through the heart and spoken through that spot in the mind.  We’ve put it in our water, all our old thoughts, we’ve sent our wishes and prayers to the sky, condensation from our own breath adding to the atmosphere.  We have drank from an unending stream of thought, action, contemplation, and history through the process of water of which our body is 98%.  We have DNA, which holds a whole other story of possibility and then the addition of circumstances, and experience.

But then we have our mind and body.  How they interact with one another and the world around us.  That feeling of sickness after being around some one who sucks the life force out of you…

We have the knowing something just isn’t right, or the “unintentional” injury which grounds us from an obligation or engagement for some reason.  There is always a reason.  I am here, because I remember.  I have done this ALL before.  SO have you, but you have to see it and feel it for yourself, so that is your responsibility if you chose to take it on. I have seen this for myself forever, I am here because this is it for me.  This is the time I GET IT.  This is the time, that I share all of what I know and throw caution to the wind, because this, this physical thing, is what it is, temporary, but this knowing inside of me goes on and one forever and ever amen.

So this is the beginning of  download you may or may not be aware of at this moment.  If you watch my videos you get my vibe.  I am your friendly grandmother, and your cool ant, and your best friend and your older sister.  I am here to encourage the enlightenment of others by seeing themselves for so much more than main stream allows them to be.   There are 13 tribal grandmothers in the world who carry the stories.  I think I may be one who carries on that lineage.

I am either so full of shit that i should have crap in my mouth at this moment, or there is a reason i have felt really odd and special my whole life, and why i have felt depressed and in need of information… but Dad, seriously, I AM HIGH on the fact that I know I don’t want to be anything more than me, and in my totality of ability, and these deep seated dream like desires we have are not pointless or with out reason, they are actually like a pirate map to the treasure.  Video game, Matrix, Synchronicity, Irony, Manipulation… on and on, basically we know what the secret codes are, but the computer playing against us sets up distractions from getting to the goal,so if you lost the guide book to the game, or the cheat sheet, you are left to your own perhaps incapable devices.  Most people when they talk about playing the game or the game plays you, are talking far more materially.  But this is more like the Spiritual game, and how to play it, is to first recognize you are playing it, that there is a game happening, and then you figure out who you are, and what roll you play and all the while you do this you build your artillery, and you move up the ranks and complete challenges, until you are at a place where you are in the final stage.  And all of the challenges are basically a cumulative of all the other levels, and you can sort of predict the behavior and know what to do, but that final, final level, is EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE.  And it is sooo muther fucking overwhelming, more intense than any other end level challenge, because this is the FINALE, sooooo how do you respond?

With confidence, knowing, recognition, and perhaps after a couple of trial runs, a NEW strategy.

Think about it

Yeah, this is your daughter