October Wrap Up

Holy Freaking Autumn! This was hands down one of the most beautiful and warm Octobers I have ever experienced my many years in Cheyenne (I don’t know what it was like when I wasn’t here for the other years).

As a child it was almost always certain that you would have to wear a winter jacket and snow pants with your costume; unless you went to the mall in a climate control environment. The only people who really saw the full costume were family like Grandma and Grandpa- the obligatory drop by.

October was a good month for me- I was a featured artist at my favorite local pub that accepts dogs. I sold art work. I made some new acquaintances. I cross promoted my work. Yeah- I felt almost normal in the sense of remembering myself. Still there is so much to work on.

Part of my cross promotion tactic was to go to open mic, share my writing/spoken word/ collabs with Alessandro amidst my creations- It was pretty tight.

It is now Thurs Nov. 3- and I went to last nights open mic to perform- the art was different and so was the audience- of course every audience is different but the energy with the art was different. No worries- I went on and did what I arrived to do.

There was a rather loud group of older ladies at the front where I was performing – and I will just say it was a test to stay on track and keep, keeping on. Other things have unfolded as well-

The plan is to re-evaluate. But if you are interested in checking out a synopses of my October Open Mics and picking up dog poop- I will link it here.

All apologies in advance- the pod gets a little too ASMR at times while I am carrying Journey’s shit sack. No worries- tune into the other episodes you like .

I’ve got some ideas cooking that I hope to get into action, so stay tuned!


Dear Lost Loves-

Dear Lost Loves I invested so dearly in- it is time to let you burn in the fire- in order to reignite my own desires – now you are all tethered.

Thank you for the lessons in our youthful indiscretions

Thank you for showing me your shadowy demons

Thank you for allowing us to learn to know and grow away from one another

Thank you for the bruises

It’s my time now- you are purged from me and the reality I have in mind would scare you – and that is why I say good bye.

You will maybe in my reverie but your name needn’t ever be upon my lips- Regardless I wish you the best- but I exist in a new atmosphere.