In Honor of my fellow Irish…

Hear YE, Hear YE! I propose a clause in respect and honor of my fellow Irish, and partial Irish sister and brethern!
Times are tough in these days of jacked up gas prices, and high cost electronics. Consumption of good foods, and good times leaves a hole in the pockets of some, especially after a long hard weekend of pre-St. Patty’s day partying. Surely though, most of you (mostly non-Irish types) have planned ahead by adding some extra padding to your St.Pat’s party fund. This year the fateful holiday lands on a Monday, leaving Friday through Sunday as a pre-party priming time.
My proposition is this; That in honor of such a rightous holiday, one which glorifies the consumption of beer amongst friends; I encourage each of you who isn’t the slightest bit Irish, to buy your Irish friends a beer. Perhaps you are always buying your Irish friends beer, perhaps they are drunks. Well today is the day to buy your last one for them, until next year. If you are reluctant to buy your Irish friend a beer, help coerse some other non-clover to buy it. Excuse yourself from buying it by buying some other (better looking, preferably lady type) greenie a brew.
Of course, this is my selfish way of trying to catch a little St. Patty’s day buzz like the rest of ya, the green is a little short these days. If you have the love, why not spread it. Besides, you would’t be on your way to being shit faced if it wasn’t for me, I mean us, Irish.
Oh, and for those of you who agree to this proposition, no coping out by giving your buddy a PBR… no, only the best for the Irish on this holiday. Please pass me a Guinness.

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