Rescinded Friendship Memo

This memo is to clarify and address the matters of friendship and the basis in which to rescind said friendship.

Friendship is an equal exchange opportunity. By accepting said friendship you accept and comply within the usages of integrity, trust, and support. You also commit to clear communication and clarification of mis-communications.

It is decided on the friends how strong, or deep said friendship shall be. However, these things must be continually communicated through the course of friendship as situations and life paths change and evolve.

It is asked that when the dissolution or  the rescind of friendship is enacted, a clear verbal or written notice be issued to all friends involved, as each one of them deserves an ample warning of change in status.

If after Rescindment notification is posted, there are any questions or concerns from the left over parties, they have one week to state their issues with the “de”friend-er.

If you have been “un-friend-ed” remember, it was probably them, and not you.

However, if you have been “unfriended” by me, then it’s defiantly you.

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