Product of the 80’s

Product: Of the 80’s

Punk Rock, Mohawk
Technicolored Toe socks
Mario Brothers
Beating shit with a wiffle ball bat
Mousecateers, wear little hats with little ears
He-man fought away our fears
Until we learned that he was queer
Rainbow Bright, Colored tights
Decorated bedrooms, with Christmas lights

Star Wars, Cinnamon Rolls
Carrie Fisher, coke up her nose
Navigator, Space Invader
Gelatinous candy in weird flavors
Cabbage patch, Garbage Pail
Afternoon Specials gave a reason to fail
Latch Key kids tell the tale
Pen pal letters in the mail

GI Joe, Barbie too
Little ponies in a zoo
Colonel Mustard in a game called CLUE
Ask an 80’s kid, so much to do

Jem and the Holograms
Just another cartoon band
Cinderella, Twisted Sister
Bon Jovi, Mr. Mister
Debbie Gibson
All great late night company…

for me

Nicktoons, Nick at Night
Camping out, turn off the lights

Salute your shorts
Candy land
Never heard of “Rock Band”

a game called “Sorry”
Push your cousin
Call “Malarkey”
Laughing at a man called Starsky.

Roller rinks, no time for shrinks

Friday pizza party

Commodore 64
Playing twister on the floor
$2.00 allowance for all those chores
No real reason to ever be bored

Play outside, build a tent
Wonder where my youth went

Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em
Robot action
When I was ten, yeah, I sure had them
Battleship with batteries
Nancy Drew Mysteries

Rural living on the plains
To get to town was a pain
10 speed road bikes on dirt roads
How we rode them, no one knows

Nearest friend a mile away
Go for lunch on hot summer days

Pack your toys , it’s time to play

Swim lessons, Recreation
On T.V., only 2 real stations
Pizza Hut, and Dominos
Micky D’s, Bagel Maker
After Church, lunch invader
Snack pack, bologna sam
Processed meat stuff in a can

How I’ve grown and how I’ve changed
But the child inside remains the same

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