Well… Wasn’t that Pleasant?!?

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t get much joy out of shopping.

 Call me crazy, but I don’t.

Especially when it comes to BIG BOX STORES and Retail Chains.

Sadly at this point in time, I am living in a town which is a franchisee’s wet dream.  There are very few local business’ unattached to franchise or big Corp.

 A sort of sad malady if you ask me;  which makes shopping, a sort of excruciating experience.  Dare I say, a “clusterfuck”?

Everyone needs “their things.”  And stores are so sneaky, with their random shifting of items in the store, and changes in product packaging… They will keep you wandering aimlessly, filling your cart for hours.

It is imparetive to go in with a list and a plan… the plan is simple… KEEP IT SIMPLE!

It can be hard to keep it simple however.  Especially in the throws of such a clusterfuck.  It is best to time these things early in the week, early in the day.  

There is bound to be congestion, but usually it is the over 70 crowd and I already live with one of them. I know I can move faster and reach taller than they can…. it makes shopping a breeze on Monday mid morn… all the gray hairs slowly scooting in mobile carts around the store.  Probably look for Breck shampoo that no longer exists… or attempting to find the closest equivalent based off what they remember from TV. Which is bound to be over advertised and over priced.

I can gripe about shopping for hours and pages… I really dislike the process of handing money over to corporations who only receive it because there are very few other options, especially when their products are usually harmful but also smell nice.

Final word? Grow your own stuff… look into making your own shampoos, washes and cleaners… feel cleaner, save scrilla, and avoid the mass-holes even though you don’t find yourself in Massachusetts.

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