Fit Body Boot Camp: Week Two, Day Two (What if I am the only one?)

It’s only week two.  It is only day two.

And then the paranoia sets in…

Laying in bed, feeling the soreness in my muscles; my brain wanders, unattended to dark recesses of fear.

“What if nothing changes, with all this work?”

“What if I am the only one; who loses nothing, and still can’t do a full modified push up, after 6 weeks?”

“What if this program has the opposite intended effect on my body… and I look worse at the end of 6 weeks.”

All these “What if’s” rattling around in my brain.

Do you have them too?

Logically, it can’t get worse.  My muscles are sore, that is a sign of progress; but it is a sign, that is at times, easily ignored.

Our brains are amazing muscles.  Sometimes we flex it in counterproductive ways, like excessive worry, and unfounded suspicion.

Our brains want to keep us safe from pain, which can translate into it creating elaborate, and highly unlikely situations; which can be emotionally warping.  Wrapping us up in it’s fantasy, it is easy to get carried away with the self and “worst case scenario” syndrome.

As I lay in bed, frightfully imagining that in six weeks, I will be exactly the same; I have to force my logical mind into action.  I need my common sense to over ride my unfounded fears.

Everyday is a new one, and some are more mentally taxing than others.

For this reason, it is great to have friends or accountability partners.  People who are empathetic, and supportive, when the mind feels weak, and the top of the mountain is out of view.   How many of us just quit something because we felt alone and unsupported in our pursuit?  The diet that didn’t last a week, or the early morning walks that never continued after the first few?  Quitting as quickly as we started because of how lonely the journey seems. In the beginning of every new change, there are feelings of anxiety and excitement, but those feelings quickly change into struggle as one attempts to keep their own motivation high.

The mental downside of any new program, is how to keep your self involved with the desire to show up and do the work.  We want to see and experience results quickly in order to KNOW with out a doubt, that it is working.  The beginning is hard because you are basically breaking yourself down on  several levels, and it is painful, not just physically, but mentally as well. We learned during week one that there are a plethora of excuses to stop, and only one REAL reason to continue.

If you are anything like me, you may need help redirecting those thoughts back to the One Real Reason.  You may need to be reminded, All is not in Vain.

I encourage you to reach out when you feel like you may be the only one who feels like they aren’t going anywhere, fast enough.  You are not alone.  Be gentle with yourself; remind yourself that you are worth the risk, and only You can decide and work from that truth.

Think about it as systematically breaking down an old program that no longer suits you. Think of it as adopting a new philosophy and work ethic.  Think of it as a personal Spring Cleaning; sweeping out the old cob webs, for a new and cleaner You.

When you feel too down and out to keep going, know that you have been sweating out your old excuses, purging the self deprecation from each muscle fiber; you are sculpting the You, You want to see and be.  Know you are not alone;  I want You to be the best You can be for You, and You want the same for me.  We know, we will be better for it.

Keep going , You’ve got this.

3 thoughts on “Fit Body Boot Camp: Week Two, Day Two (What if I am the only one?)”

  1. Hell yeah you got this!!! I definitely have those thoughts as well. It’s hard to sweep them away. I did this 30 day challenge HIIT program a while back where I was doing a bunch of exercises each day. These exercises were INTENSE!!! I was sweating from literally every orifice of my body and literally ran to the shower immediately at the end of each workout. At the end of the 30 days, I had lost exactly zero pounds, so I figured it was sooo not worth my time and gave up on it. :/ Now, a few years later, I wish I hadn’t given up so easily. The one thing I didn’t have back then was a support group. My husband thought I was crazy for doing those intense workouts and it didn’t even seem like he was supporting my journey at all (even though he probably did). It was the comments like, why don’t you get on the scale? How much have you lost so far? Etc. It was most likely his way of supporting me, but they felt like insults to me since I wasn’t losing weight. Was I healthier and stronger, yes. Did I feel better about myself, not really. Why work so hard for no gain? Anyways, this time around I will not give up. Period. Why? Because I have a huge support system this time. I have a bunch of ladies on my side (like you), a whole group of runners that are behind my path to be able to run a 5K in its entirety, and others in my community that are on the same path. I also have an exercise class with other ladies on the same goal who want me to show up and workout with them. It really makes a difference having support!!! And surrounding yourself with those on the same mission as you. You have no choice other than to succeed! Yeah… you got this!!!


    1. Laura, I am so glad you chimed in on this! Support is definitely what I have been lacking, too. I’ve always known it’s something I wanted. It reminds me of classes like PE and team sports, which I haven’t done in over a decade. I always had at least a couple of people in those activities that made an otherwise taxing experience, less so. Camaraderie is so important, and for whatever reason, I feel like this year, people are going to try and break out of their shells and shine. I am super stoked you are one of them. It is cool to read about your journey as well… thought about starting a blog?


  2. Well, know that I am to support your journey sis-star! I have a blog, but haven’t really used it. I started the blog last time I was trying to lose weight and it felt like one more pressure on me that I didn’t need. And it went from being a relief and outlet to something that felt like homework I didn’t want to do until 5 minutes before school. lol I’ve thought about restarting it, but now with my kid in school, the dance workout classes, walking a good 3 miles or so a day, the parenting classes, school events, and such… I’m feeling pretty good about sharing my journey in our FB group, at the moment at least. We’ll see what happens in the future. If I do decide to start it up again, I’ll let you know!


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