Fit Body Boot Camp- Week 12- Perscription Fitness

Keep in mind while reading this, as if it was one of those 1:30 second commercials for some new prescription drug, like Botox.

To Those Of You, who know Motivation can be hard to come by; To the down trodden and sick of being slovenly, To those who live in fear of their full potential… To those who know it isn’t going to be easy.

Fitness isn’t instantaneous, it won’t happen over night. Persistence requires practice in patience, it is slowly accrued through determination and mindfulness.

Sometimes it’s going to be hard, and your first inclination will be to give up; but you won’t because you hate how your past life style felt. You have experienced the rush of endorphins, you have felt satisfied by the sweat on your brow. Daily you feel you have accomplished something meaningful.

Fitness is about the commeraderie of a job well done, especially if it was challenging. It’s noticing the laundry feels lighter, and the hike up a few flights of stairs no longer leaves you winded. It is the joy in hauling in 10 grocery bags, like it ain’t no thing.

Fitness is showing up even when a warm bed seems like the preferable idea. It’s bundling up for a walk or jog, even on the coldest days. It’s eating clean and getting your nutrients.

There are going to be excuses, and obsticles, daily. Some days it won’t happen at all. It may cause you to feel guilty when you don’t work out one or two days in a row. You will have many moments of self justification, and self judgement. There will be days of successes. New bodily abilities will be aquired.

With Fitness, it may seem to take a long time before you really start to see a difference in yourself. Not because things aren’t changing, but because it takes time to adjust to actually seeing yourself IN your new lifestyle. It may be aggrivating, at times, and a pain in the ass at others (for various reasons.) You will have a love/hate relationship, but it will totally be worth it.

You will be adding time to your biological clock while assisting your body at reversing the damage of an unhealthy lifestyle.

By embracing Fitness, you will be setting a good example for your children, and those around you. It will open doors to new experiences and people. It will make the impossible, possible.

When adopting Fitness, your body will be sore, and sweaty; you will look like hell, red faced and exillerated. You will be taking a proactive movement in your bodies chemical out put. Some times you will feel high on bodily produced “feel good” compounds. Some days you will feel you can tackle any thing that may get in your way. Other days, you may feel you just want to rest, rest, rest.

Oh, Fellow followers of the Fitness train, you may often ask yourself, “when will I be perfect,” and you may find frustration at the highs and lows of the path that follows. ( And, You WILL have highs and lows.) You will realize life is the same but different. You may aquire a new sense of confidence.

Prolonged exposure to Fitness can cause changes in perception and strange urges, such as; an increased desire to walk places or ride a bike, to dance like no one is watching in public places, excitement at the thought of entering a marathon, uncontrollable desire to buy a new bathing suit, a strong addiction to yoga pants or exercise clothes and various types of complementary footware, as well as the inclination to travel to new countries and climb historically tall mountains.

Once infected with Fitness, one may find it hard to eat certain foods, or to sit still for long periods of time. Fitness can even cause dry mouth, increased heart rate and dehydration. It is always best to drink water with Fitness, and to supplement with good nutrition.

If you or someone you know has Fitness in their life, you should definitely hang out together and get the most of your time together, hand in hand with Fitness.

Fitness is for all ages and abilities, however Fitness can be intimidating to people with heart conditions, bad joints or low levels of coordination. People with these conditions should consult a doctor before getting busy with Fitness.

Fitness is an over the counter perscription, and can be found nearly everywhere. It can available in more than 1000 varieties. There is no one size fits all Fitness, so ask around to see what kind of Fitness will suit your needs.

Fitness requires patience, persistence and positivity to be fully effective. Bad attitudes and self deprication hinder the positive effects of Fitness, and can cause fatal side effects like eating disorders, low self esteem and dysmorphia.

Do not take Fitness when highly intoxicated or suffering from narcolepsy.

Consult your doctor if you experience pain while on Fitness.

For more information about Fitness, Google: Fitness.

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