I am you and you are me

I can’t stand it any more. I have to call out these lies we continue to perpetuate, adding in our own misery. And maybe, it’s because I saw your face in me, when I looked back at your portrait.

Maybe it’s the fact, that I have sat back for years, feeling the sorrows of my human man, despite the color of his skin… because I can not escape feeling.

Perhaps it’s just my passion for knowledge and the un-ending question that is bigger than any subsector of profession can claim name to…Who are we? And, Where did we come from.

Because I am seeing this world in a tizzy and dissonance of depravity vs. righteousness… and I wonder who creates the ladder, or wall between these two polarities that seem to exist, both within me, and with out.

I am just digging a route, in order to figure out why this polarity lies so quietly beneath all our transactions… whether they are of the spirit of of earth again.

Do we, NOT yet KNOW, that this is but a playground, and we are all playing around in hopes of figuring the Big Truths, out?

My brothers, and sisters of every color and creed… it will most likely be agreed that “Live and Let Live”, IS the creed.

It is only anger, abuse, and greed that makes us bleed from many metaphorical levels.

It is our reliance on some sort of savior; be it law, God or some other, that justifies unjustifiable response.

One can not be more in any way than the other. The key is service to each other. And that in and of itself is hard enough… tough enough to be a wary weather…

And yet… we fight ourselves from the inside, out.

Our choices of polarity are based in bianary; one OR the other.

Why must it all be so mutually exclusive?

Why do we not realize our entire usage of being?

We can have both, and more.

We are smart enough, we are bold enough… but distraction takes it’s toll, and soon no one knows or understands their own worth as a piece in the puzzle… and so then we have brilliance that maybe left in a puddle, and those who never knew better are in a struggle, and every middle man left to make a decision is left in a place where he is given NO CHOICE but ONE, or THE OTHER.

We can have it all… but we can’t just wish for it, (though that may help) … We have to actively realize it for ourselves, and act in accordance to that knowing.

So if you want… keep on hating people you don’t know, and never met.. place a bet the whole country is like that… but what if the tables were turned AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE… you aren’t that dick… building clocks or biowarfare doesn’t make you tick… It’s when you actually, deeply meet with another human being, that your time line shifts into appreciation.

Not enough people have an oppertunity to realize that sensation, brain washed again and again that fear is the remedy to our over all situation with humanity. Again, I disagree.

No one wants to get into a gun fight for fun, unless they are young and dumb… and then I ask why we allowed the youth to be so shallow… because it is ourselves and fellow humans who can encourage or distract this sort of attack on ourselves.

Do we need help? Yes.

But it isn’t help you will find from a doctor, or some sort guru urging you to pay money for truth… it is innate and inborn with intuiton. It is our only solution to get along.

Just put yourself in another person’s situation… and try not to judge it through your filter. Just sit there and think of all the things they had to do, hear, and see, to be the person they are now… Shit’s hard. The world is against us, until we learn our lessons, and part of the lesson is looking toward others, taking that brick off our shoulders and loving one another… cause life sucks, it is rough… we have to get tough to brush it off….

I don’t know about you, I would rather talk it out… and then go from there.

Funny, that is what we think our politicians do… but they are talking about themselves to each other, not me and you…

How could a leader of a country speak for you and me, when the votes are tallied and we are still at polarity with extremes? Doesn’t make sense to you? Me neither.

Our government won’t save us, because Kings Write History… so who ever conquers, see’s and writes it the way they want it to be. While you and me pay consiquence, as we re-write history books. Letting our brains be rearranged by those we called Leaders… then realize, it was those puppets that led us HERE… to now.

So, how do we combat this misrepresentation of humanity, how do we reclaim our dignity straight from our own DNA?

Be bold enough to ask questions. Be intelligent enough to look further. Use your intuitive heart to figure out what you stand for. Replay roles from history where something about you is bound to be victim to some one’s tyrrany. Look at me and see yourself. Ask, first, “how can I help?”

In one moment you may change the world. Call it “butterfly effect” or something conducive to your thinking. We have all been led to believe we have our place, and job; the definition of who you are… but who are you, when you sign out?

Creative? Brilliant? With out a doubt that you have something to offer… ponder that. No one is totally worthless.


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