The beauty of a few… (men)

I give thanks to a beautiful Universe who gives in such abundance, the sweet caress of supple hands and the sharing of breath.
Quiet conversations held in majestic locations with XY chromosomes. Sometimes may lead to soft moaning, none the less at times staying up till early morning, just talking.
When compassion, and integration are the only destination. All aboard the train of Truth, packed with seekers eager to take the long road. Slowly we go, at times catching speed, so fast at times it is hard to breathe, these are just moments.
Each comes and goes in it’s own succession, each is learning their lessons, and this is the most beautiful distraction. Ones that lead to affection, and intimacy. The moments that allow me to be all I am and untapped potential.
Mirrors with fears, looking glasses of love. It is hard not to love oneself in such interactions with such magnanimous imaginations, we are co creating the world we always wished existed.
Pieces of the reasons overlooked for so long. We intertwine for the times that are yours and mine only the sign we were all already seeking.
Don’t forget to keep breathing. Never stop seeking, our best selves are always ready to surface. It may take forever to learn this, though I’ll never tire with teachers like these.

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