I miss you

I’m not sure who I’m missing exactly. Those who have passed, those who have moved on… and the ignorant being I once was.
I chose the email “stumblingflower” when I was 15. I loved the name of the band “Tripping Daisy” and reworked it into “trippingdazee” for my other email. It represented what I felt about myself. This flower that keeps falling. Not able to quite catch myself, waiting to open into grace, but always falling short. Contrary to popular belief, there is no drug connection. It was nothing more than a feeling toward myself, and the seemingly unattainable.
I am not sure I have totally blossomed or bloomed into what I am to be, but it feels like it’s closer than ever.
All of this sleeping in the woods and analysis has me on the cusp of some transformation left without mention. The awkwardness of youth is melting into the grace of maturity and female bounty. What a relief! I thought it would never happen.
Still there is a longing, a missing in my soul. Perhaps it aches only for what I do not yet know, and for those which have not yet touched me. I feel them coming and I miss them already.
As I envelop wholeness and untiy within myself, those draw near who are in search of the same, I am excited for the day I commune with such souls cemented in their own holistic foundations. We will be strong without and within, co-creating with out division and the simplification of interaction with integrity.
Love will be simplistic and sincere, passion will burn brighter, the realm of worry will be released.
Relationships will flourish, dysfunction within is realized and worked through with consciousness and help from a loving common-unity. The fouls and failings of humanity not seen as disgrace but a reason to unite and overcome. Judge-less and supportive.
All I can do is work at polishing my own mirror, reflections of what I hope to be, and all thee to see.

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