If only I had a box of Solutions.

If only I had a box of Solutions. Better than the floor mat from Office Space, the one that allows you to “jump to conclusions.” I don’t want to jump anywhere, I also have no interest in staring into the void until I am tackled by defeat… no I think it would be sweet to have a Box of Solutions. Maybe they would be note cards, and when I needed help I would pull one out and follow it’s instructions. Or maybe it would include statues from a Chess board, and the reward would be landing the queen. Maybe my box would have rocks in it, and I could pull one out at random and get a feeling for the hard place I am in, find a solution to the current predicament. With box of Solutions I would only need to give it time before the rhyme and reason of living just seemed to become streamline. No more whining about “what to do…” No more feeling blue over a lack of Solutions.
I imagine the situation I am in right now, would mellow out with an outside solution, one that leads to a healthy resolution, but I am not sure I have any of those in my box, when I asked what I should do; I pulled out an old hole-y sock… what the fuck does that mean?

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