You make YOUR OWN RULES Day!

Forget for a moment about the things you’ve been told for years; things like “get eight hours of rest a night,” and “Sometimes you have to do stuff you don’t want to do.” Throw it all out the window.
What would your day look like if you made the rules? Maybe you thrive on five hours of sleep, but you hold yourself in bed for eight because you read somewhere that it’s good for EVERYONE. Only to find that you lost your second wind for the day by “over resting.” Maybe eight is just a standard.
Maybe all these “rules” for living are standards. Maybe you do less than you would like for fear of getting hurt; maybe you have been told your whole life that you are a klutz. What do you think about yourself? What do you enjoy but avoid because of some etheric standard keeps you rooted in behavior outdated for your mode of living?
Maybe you want to try climbing, but tell yourself it’s too late, that your too old. Maybe there is another way to the top, you just haven’t been able to see it through the fear.
What if there were no “10 Commandments,” would you still make righteous decisions, would you still help humanity and your community? Would your internal moral compass lead you in the right direction, or would you waste away in confusion.
Some people function well with a frame work that has been proven by others, but most of us feel constraint from the expectations of these standardized rules. Making the expectations of others our own.
The artistry of living is sending invitation to join the calling of your heart. The pain in our world is crying for healing from Masters of change and Evolution. Are your insides feeling these growing pains?
Forget the rules for a day, live the way your heart calls for. Paint something obscure just to feel the weight of a brush in your hands and to participate in the glory of creation. Find a way to do something that fills you with extraordinary joy. Do something you have only thought about. Life is too short to be stuck in a standard of rules for those who are far from standard. In this day and age there are no longer excuses not to do what your spirit embodied physicality for.
If you have legs, use them. If you have resources, share them. If you have space for others, fill it. If you have knowledge, give it. If you seek guidance, ask for it. If you have love, make it multiply. If all you have is encouragement and a smile, gift them often. If you feel like changing into a better you… start today.
If life lived by your own rules causes you to thrive without forsaking the safety and health of yourself or others, than tell others how it worked for you. Be persuasion to change by always taking the best and leaving the rest. The world needs big thinkers and do-ers. The world needs the involvement of every heart and mind. Wake up, open your eyes, and welcome to a new day.

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