I have been thinking about a friend I once had, who sadly killed himself last year. His birth name was Shane Neary. Most of his life he was known as Steven Klingsporn. I met Shane at the Dream Lodge in Mount Shasta. He was one of the motley crew to pass through it’s doors.
Shane and a couple of our friends had some pretty bizarre adventures when he was still around. He was not your average bloke.
In the late nineties and early 2000 he worked as a computer programmer, which meant he had a lot of time to be on the computer, by the time I met him, he was an out of work dot com-er. * Apparently he was a young genius in tech and one of the youngest people to be hired by Apple back in the day.*
He was  *said to have been* suffering from bouts of depression and extreme paranoia boarding schizophrenia. He was hearing voices and following a deep rabbit hole of conspiracies against the people of the world inflicted by Illuminati.
He felt ties to the Sylvan Learning Center.   (If I recall correctly it was the name of the Sylvan Learning Centers.)   This was all attached to involvement in abducting, abusing, and using children for mind control.

In the last years that I knew Shane, he felt he needed to right the wrongs of those people; and he had brought to him, people who felt connected to his cause. Last year when I got news of Shane’s death, I became curious. To this day, there is no obituary that I can find stating what really happened. I have not been able to track down his adopted parents.

His page still exists and the writing from his last night on earth seem to reflect his inability to overcome the program that was causing him to be too unstable to survive.
I don’t know exactly what Shane was going through. I know he felt helpless in a world needing help. A pure soul trying to undo all the damage already done. It drove him crazy.
Maybe he was abducted as a child, brain washed and implanted. Maybe the voices he heard really were the government enacting their own form of population control. I don’t know for sure. But I know Shane was good, and true, and it’s sad to me that his digging into  the abuse of children literally took him to such a rock bottom, there was no escape.
If a soul can still exist as energy moving through these ether, than I ask Shane to show us the truth, to speak into our ears so that we may fight the unseen force with the power given to us through the bounty of Creation.
We need to use our own wise consciousness that speaks from the heart in order to create a new solution. We have already allowed such weakness into our mind, body and souls. All of it further facilitated by our willingness to sign ourselves over to programs, drugs and organizations with a bigger darker plan. Are we really thinking for ourselves?

Are you really as depressed as you think you are, or is it just the programming around you that allows you that life view? We need to clean ourselves from the inside out, top to bottom.
Oh and by the way, Prozac is really really bad for you.

** Update 8/19/2017 – posts from Shane that haven’t ever come up in my searches before.

**Update 7/25/18-  With all of the exposure toward Ritual Abuse, Pedophilia and children being sold into sex slavery, I am more inclined than ever to believe everything Shane told me.  His adopted brother is the person who told me Shane was diagnosed as schizophrenic.   Shane was the first person I had ever talked to who brought up these topics and I have been following the thread since I met him in 2006.  My heart goes out to all the victims and I can’t wait for all of this to blow open.  I don’t know if there will ever be justice, but it’s time to lift the veil.


2 thoughts on “Shane”

  1. I was one of about eight people this person harassed and stalked. He threatened my family and caused me to live in fear for four years. He was relentless. I still do periodic Google searches just to make sure he’s not coming back. It was that traumatic. He may have been schizophrenic. For sure, he was on the autism spectrum. But he was also a habitual cocaine user who switched to meth because it was cheaper, and that was what really made him unravel. I’m glad you saw some redeeming qualities and he wasn’t as harmful to you as he was to other people. I’m sorry you lost someone you considered a friend (he didn’t have many because he turned on most of them). Of course you have a right to grieve however you choose to grieve and believe what you want to believe – but it’s a little disconcerting to see someone perpetuating his delusions, knowing what the rest of us went through.


    1. I’m sorry that you had issues with him. I don’t totally know the extent of anything beyond my own experience with him. It was a really weird and transitional time for everyone who was around when I met him. A bunch of lost souls looking for purpose or manufacturing their own realities. I didn’t spend much time with him- maybe a couple of months. We only had one real mutual friend, who was also always trying to keep him on the straight and narrow- and calm. I’m not even certain how our mutual friend met him- We were all basically living hippie commune style. I hope you and your family have been able to heal from your experiences. Based on the stories he told me about his early memories, it was the first time I heard about Ritual Sexual Abuse- which is what we are seeing now in the media with organizations like NXVIM. If it is true that he endured that as a child- it would leave him with a broken mind and obviously suicide was his way out of the world. The whole thing is just sad.


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