Fit Body Boot Camp: Day Two (whoo hoo)

Well, WHOO HOO, Welcome to Day Two!

In order to prepare myself, I utilized the wonderful resource of the private accountability group set up by the Admins of Cheyenne Fit Body.

As I mentioned in the previous article Fit Body Boot Camp: Day One,  I had a few issues of light headedness and nausea.  I didn’t want to go into Day Two with those feelings.  I received some very helpful tips from Fitters who had struggled from the same issues.

It basically came down to properly fueling this human driven vehicle with food and water.

I don’t know about you, but I have always had some problems choking down breakfast first thing in the morning, and Day One was no different.  A banana and some peanut butter was definitely not enough fuel, and upon retrospect, I went to bed dehydrated and that proceeded into the morning and was further exacerbated by the work out.

By the time I got home on Day One, I was shaking, sick in the stomach and having cold sweats and shakes.  It is like my body was shocked into an unexpected detox, without enough moisture in my body to handle it.

I immediately knew I needed to get my water requirement for the day.  I also needed to follow the food guidelines given to me in my consult, and concentrate on fueling my body with nutrition.

In order to get into Day Two, I followed the advice of another Fitter, and made a heady oatmeal shake.  This make ahead shake is great for planning ahead, and is super easy on the stomach.  You can find the recipe for these shakes on this Pintrest  page.  I added Chia seeds, and Hemp Seeds to mine, as well as strawberry Kiefer and frozen berries.

I got plenty of water in the morning and supplemented with a Super Orange E-MergenC packet that helps to replenish electrolytes.

I made sure to get to bed at a reasonable time; decided I would hit up the 8:30 am class, so that I didn’t feel tired and rushed to consume 3/4 of a 16oz shake and water before working out.

These shifts made all the difference.  I had the fuel to make it though the work out without the maladies of Day One.  And no, the work out was no less intense.

The entire line up of work outs was very different from Day One, which is great for people like me; who maybe get bored with the same ole routine, everyday.

I am taking the advice of “easing into” the first week.

Sara was the days trainer, and she kept everyone motivated with her bubbly personality.  She helped those who need it, and demonstrated augmented form for those who may have injury or just haven’t yet built up the strength to do the full exercise form.

If your excuse is, “It’s going to be too hard for me” think again!

Everyone is encouraged to keep going and to perform all exercises SAFELY!

You work at your own level, and do the best you possibly can.  This is where augmented form is helpful.  Admittedly, my legs started to shake toward the end, and  I felt like a ninety year old trying to pull themselves up from the toilet.  I just kept moving, knowing that by next week, everything will be a bit easier.

I definitely sweat more on Day Two, probably because I was properly hydrated. I can’t overstate how important hydration is!  The skin is largest organ and sweating is a fantastic way for the body to detox.  Working out produces lactic acid in the muscles and when one is dehydrated, it can cause muscle cramping.  It is also a good idea to get enough magnesium which assists muscles and nerves in their function.

To wrap things up I will say that the 8:30 class  is more popular than the 5am class (go figure .)  Many Mothers attend while their little ones stay in close proximity and entertain themselves for the half hour of class.

So if you are a Mother, and your excuse is, “I don’t have anyone to watch my kid for a half hour.”  You just lost your excuse.  If you have  a small child ( or two) that can be entertained by a bunch of adults getting their butts kicked, (or if you let them use a tablet)  Even YOU can get an AWESOME work out, in the same time it takes to watch one episode of Dora the Explorer!

Fit Body Cheyenne, can help anyone transform their body.  And with a healthy body comes peace of mind.

Be a Fitter, not a quitter!

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