Fit Body Boot Camp: Week Three Wrap Up and Weigh In

Woop, Woop!  I have made it 14 days, and finished up week three of Fit Body Boot Camp.  This is the official half way point through the 6 week program.  Here is my weekly wrap up and my first official weigh in/ measurements:

I missed the first day of week 3, due to unavoidable circumstances with my grandmother.  It was a bit frustrating, and I didn’t get a work out in, but instead of stressing about it (raising my cortisol levels) I just made the commitment to go the next day.  I would have to say overall week 3 has really put the work into my upper body and arms.

Wednesday, I pulled a muscle in the last 15 seconds of our Heisman’s… I was not impressed and didn’t sleep well that night.  Still I got right back into it Thursday.  Thursday required some modification because the tightness in my shoulders wasn’t allowing me to lift much in resistance; by the end of the work out I felt significantly looser, but by bed time the tightness had doubled up on itself, and I was again tossing and turning.

Friday I stretched for about forty-five minutes in the morning before class, focusing mostly on several sets of various spine flexor exercises used in yoga, and by the end of Friday, I almost feel normal.

Now for the part I was most anxious for: weigh in/ measurements.  My weight went up by 1.7lbs.  Which isn’t what I want to hear, but the measurements made up for it.  Arms were down 1.5 inches; Chest down 2 inches, Waist was down 3.5 inches (YAY), Hips 1.75 inches, Thighs 1.5 inches for a over all total of 10.25 inches, and a 2% reduction of body fat.

Here are some things I know;  I need to get back to the food journal, it has been a hectic week of being in and out of the hospital at very inopportune times and my eating has been off, and  I need to figure out how to work in working out EVERYDAY of the week, with rest days every other week.  I like the consistency of having that in my day, and I do feel far more calm when it gets done.

I am starting to ache, to ache.  I want a soreness in my body, it brings my self awareness back to reality, and I can use a reminder of being grounded on a daily basis.  Working out daily helps me to remember to drink more water.  I notice on the days I haven’t gotten a work out, it is easy to be lackadaisical with fluid consumption.  Three days in a row of not working out makes me feel pretty unaccomplished.  On these days I try and get some beneficial visualization in, preparing my mind for my next work out and the eventual outcomes of persistence.

Over the last three weeks I have really tried to figure out what body type I have, and I think it is sort of a hybrid considered Ectomorph Mesomorph .  I have a naturally strong body, but not quite a bulky as a Mesomorph.  I build muscle easy, and once I get active with consistency, progress is obvious.  If you are having a hard time pinpointing your body type, look back through pictures at different active times in your life and compare them to the descriptions and pictures found online.  It is inspiring to see the differences in bodies, and how they are so malleable when we put the work in to changing them.

Over all I am very excited to get into week four and progress some more.  I am thankful to the Fit Body Family for their ongoing support and their fantastic attitudes!  Aho!

One thought on “Fit Body Boot Camp: Week Three Wrap Up and Weigh In”

  1. That’s awesome! Congrats on those measurements. That’s a huge difference!!! And when I first started I didn’t really lose that much, it took getting to week three before anything noticeable on the scale started happening.

    As for something to do on your ‘off’ days, I’d say just start walking. And if you can toss a little bit of a jog in there until you get winded and go back to walking… even better. It’s amazing what a difference it has made for me. And it’s easy. I’ve been tracking how far I’ve been walking on map my run or on google, and you see results super fast that way. It’s really amazing seeing how many miles you have walked. Those results are tangible too. I can’t believe I put 39 miles under my feet in January. That’s like walking all the way from Blue River in to Springfield (which takes 40 some minutes to drive). But yeah… I highly suggest it. There’s no cost to it either, so that’s a bonus (though you may need to invest in some decent walking/running shoes if you don’t already have some).

    Oh and if you do decide to start walking as an extra, I joined an awesome group called moon joggers. They have a free online walking/running log where you can track your miles.


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