Dem Bones

“Get up ya bag o’ bones!”

Today my attention was brought to an article about the importance of allowing each person to squat differently based off of their physical build.  The point of the article is the important reminder that every one performs even the most standard posture with their own flair.

Noticeably, in Yoga, there is a focus on form, but also on awareness of natural body structure.  People who may not be very physically active may have no idea about various skeletal builds and how they can effect our range of motion and activity.

Due to the wonderful photos in this aforementioned article in tandem with my interest in anatomy, my mind  sparked about bone structure; and how, just like our finger prints, our bone structures are unique to each and every one of us.

Some of us have small bones, some of us have big bones… some of us are a mix of both.  Everyone has had their own injuries, and some people have birth defects and handicaps.  Each of our individual stories are written in the make up of our bones, they carry traits of our forefathers and foremothers.  They show the workman ship of doctors, they inhabit details of our health and nutrition.

It got me thinking.  I would like a full scale, 3D model of my unique skeleton.  And I think every one should have one.

Thinking about squats, I was drawn to the beauty and uniqueness of the skeletal structures they used in comparison.  I imagined each and everyone bare boned.  It was really delightful, it says so much with out words.

Think of those people who lug 300 pounds of fat upon a short but big boned frame. Think about the 200 pound woman who is 2% body fat and all muscle, but tall and lean. Think how though one isn’t healthy, you can see how they both, can maintain.  Admire the length of that Leggy Blondes’ femur, the delicate nature of her wrist; or the strong skeletal structure of a man who knows hard labor and has broken a few bones in his youth and is stronger from it.  Notice the fragility of the elderly, their lack in bone density from sedentary lives.

If you take away the external physical aesthetics, all you have are bones.  And they are beautiful, resilient, and one of a kind… They are built to carry you for a life time… admire them and take care of them just as you would anything precious.  They are your structure and foundation.  Condition them to be strong, so they can carry you for as long as you need them.

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