Well, it is day four of the Unfollow Experiment.  A few people keep slipping through the cracks and mainly it appears to be people who aren’t overly active on FB anyway.  They seldom post.

Facebook offers another feature on posts, which is to “Silence XX for 30 days.”  At which point, you just won’t see posts from individuals or groups or pages, etc. for that allotted amount of time.  This could be good for people who get triggered by posts or find their feed inundated with posts from groups with heavy traffic.

What I realize from the “On this day” feature is that I go through cycles in regard to topical interests.  Sometimes it is conspiracy; sometimes it’s health related, moving into political subjects, or comedy and spattered in there are my own observations.  I am never just stuck on one topic throughout the year.  I suspect that engagements with certain posts on certain topics brings them onto your feed more readily.  So if you hate a topic, it is probably best to avoid commenting on it, unless you want to have more of what you don’t like, invade your feed.  Or, if you like to troll, you could probably set up the people and topics you want to troll, very easily.

I’ve made nine posts in the last 5 days.  Five have been related to this blog series, one of which was a recycle from “On this Day” memories feed.  Two were related to a creative function that I took part in.  One was a question directly to my feed from a friend, and the last one was a video that I found interesting, being a 1999 interview with Seth MacFarlane.

Engagement for the posts, are as follows;  high engagement on the experiment.  Light engagement on the creative function.  A comment and a couple of likes on the recycled content, and no activity on the interview with Seth.

I think I might post some controversial subjects and gauge that content.  I would like to see if I preface the content with “If you see this content, regardless of whether or not you agree with it, just leave a comment like “I enjoy content like this” or “I hate seeing things like this on my feed.”  I want to see what people enjoy interacting with, as much as I want to see what they are hands off about.  Maybe do a poll?

“I do not like content like this, but I engage with it.”

“I do not like content like this and I ignore it.”

“I enjoy this type of content and engage with it.”

“I enjoy this type of content but I do not engage with it.”

Pretty basic.   The key though is on the side of the audience to participate with that poll.  If I post the poll and gain no engagement, I assume it isn’t being seen, and then the question is “why”?   Especially if I’m not “over posting” updates.

My feed is pretty empty.  I continue to block advertisers who “do not relate to me.”  I’ve seen one product that I didn’t block because I actually want it, and hope it pops up again at a time when I will be able to purchase it.

I haven’t been curious about anyone’s feed yet, so this could be a great way to detox yourself from Facebook and help control your time online. I have reduced my FB time by 90%, right away since there is nothing to scroll through, but myself.  The double edge sword of it, is “Out of Sight, Out of Mind.”  Maybe this is when you take the time to figure out who you really want to see and engage with online.  Mute everyone for 30 days, and as they come back to your feed, decide if you want to follow or unfollow.

There is also an option to prioritize people by groups or individuals.  If you want to make sure to keep up to date with family, or really close friends; there is a way to do that and in exchange it really cleans up your feed.

I am in a couple of very active international groups, and I was getting hundreds of their contributions in my feed on a daily basis.  One out of ten things I would see on my feed, were from people who are actually on my friends list.  Double the fact that about half of my friends list are people I’ve never met face to face, less than half the the posts on my news feed were from close friends or family.  My own engagement was just all over the place and at the mercy of my feed.

I am a “helper” type personality.  Most of my online FB time was answering questions and being an available resource for people who need it, whether or not I know them or if they belong to a mutual group.  I realize maybe I was doing too much work for others… and there should be more encouragement for people to research things.  I get a positive high from helping… add this to the seratonin hit we get from online likes… and well, you can see where a problem might develop.

Being a full time care giver AND being an online helper, is a lot to give.  Often times I silently ask myself, “when is someone going to help me?  I give so much.”    It’s definitely time I focus more on helping myself instead of spreading my finite energy too thin.

This is definitely an interesting experiment for me, and I hope you enjoy following along.


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