Buffer Zone part 1

Listen, I’m no one and that is a good thing.  You don’t “need” to know me.

I’m like a log, or a well established area of moss.   This isn’t about me.  It’s about you, and me, and “this” and then how you process that information for the forward trajectory while trudging forward.

I think it sounds pretty basic, but I hear that there is some unperceived complexity that exists that is unseen by veterans; and  some of these newbs are really throwing an unexpected glitch into the game.  The  realistic nature of this conflict is unavoidable, so I am sure life is going to get even more complicated and interesting. I just attempt to keep the balance.

Seems like a crazy task when the table has one leg, but the memo said “This is your job.”   So what was I going to do?  Not show up?  Nah, man.  I knew shit was going to get weird. Instinctively I wore cargo shorts.     I had to face the fact the next journey was all about storage and flexibility.

Pocket 1:  Eight Energy/ Nutrition Bars. One Emergen-C   6 Peanut butter and Chocolate Naked Bars(my favorite.)  Two random bars no one wants. One packet of grapefruit Emergen-C.   (Label pocket #1 Delicious Last Resort.)

Pocket 2:  Two used paper towels; strip club match book, coupon for store brand *ish*, a clump of tissue discarded,( unused but crumpled tissues  from Grammy and half of one peanut butter and cheese cracker/  (Label pocket #2 Worst Case Scenario.)

Pocket 3: Dead phone.  (Label pocket #3 Death.)

*Reassure yourself of the four spare pockets and rename Pocket 4:Hope, immediately name Pocket #5 “Resilience.” Transition some contents from previous pockets to new homes.

Find a good hiding place for your whole body  and rest for the night.  Tomorrow, has a plan to kick your ass in a prompt and swift way.  You are going to have to be smart in your execution… and yeah, something may die. Hopefully it is your/my bad attitude.

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