Ride the station

I am amongst the Ponderosa again

ready to revel with long lost friends,

only i was the one who wandered away

they keep living day to day, while i live 1200 miles away

And the sun called me, showing an open road

so I left for a moment, I knew the way to go

Now I try to formulate words and picture

to explain this state of mind

but what is growing here is hard to define

and I know lessons are evident, not soley mine

I just need to loosen up and allow the sun to shine

This body is bruised from hours of travel

soaking away in a moment of doubtful

and I know sleep will lull away the confusion

tomorrow brings another solution

the universe brings brilliant resolution

and I am flowing like the water

blowing like the breeze, sturdy as a mountain

flexible like the trees

goddess within me, master with out

child of curiosity, town crier waits to shout

and this is just the wayside brige stop to where

who knows

just a rambling, gambler, midnight singer

riding an open road

just an artist, writer, with no real destination

eager and willing to learn these lessons

lonely but fine, I get what is mine, each is divine

sharing and caring with this love of mine I find timeless

this world makes no sense to the senseless,

i carry senses in abundance, they dance with anticipation

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