“Inner Dialog of an Artist.”

Hard work, is an investment. More than the price of supplies; time is priceless. The creative reservior in the mind is an ever evolving shuffle. Everything becomes a steam of consciousness flowing from one project to the next. Process at times is unexplainable. One only hopes that is makes sense to nameless strangers looking to grow their personal collection in honor of artistic expression. That is, if you sell your original art.
I have given so much art away. Many times to those probably undeserving for lack of appreciation. I have no record or picture left of that creation, it exists only in my memories and now lives a life of its own. But like an over zealously whorish mother, perhaps I have even forgotten some of the faces of creation I have helped design. And hopefully this does not mean they have found themselves in waiting at the Salvation Army… though some cool things come from there, and admittedly I own many things from them. Only once a piece of original art. A 7 in by 9 in framed stipple of two eyes done in black pen. It looks like it took a while, I appreciate stipple because I once did a 2 ft by 4 ft panel of an Angel coming out of a pit of flames in the same style. It came in a nice silver industrial metal frame with glass, a good buy for $2.99. But to think of my own art in the thrift store, when each one was given out of so much love and personal conviction. I guess a buyer of fine art would never take it to the thrift store, would they?
Not true! There are stories of clueless owners of art all over the place. Not to toot my own horn, but I believe one day people will be happy and astounded to own something I did. Not because I have elevates hopes of grandeur, but because I love what I do, and life itself. I travel, and socially I get around. It is how I try to live and what I feel I have been put here to share. I have been blessed in my young age to have the ability to be told by many people that I have positively influenced their lives. I can not say if that would be a consensus of those who knew me earlier in life or not. But I believe that many of us get multiple chances in this life to share the joy of living with those around us. And many people are too caught up in the petty parts of living to ever fully engage in that way.
In the beginning for me I experienced this overwhelming “push me, pull you” effect. To be social vs. apart from society in my expansion of art. To work alone or in a crowd. I am somewhat of a loner as it is. I realize I enjoy good beer, good music, happy people, tasty food and stimulation. Not all the time, but when I am around it, even if I am not talking to anyone, I am engaged in this artistic expression. Not every piece is that way. I ask, “Is this piece calling for audience participation, or is this an object of unconscious; manifesting through a tool called ‘alienation’?” Sometimes I create art to participate (sometimes painting most times writing), and sometimes, I do it to avoid people. Every piece has it’s own fuel and organic process.
This at times, I realize is a direct and clear channel of the collective.
Recently I have looked at art from artist near my age and with similar beliefs, our colors reflect one another, our minds are meeting somewhere, but I don’t know these people. I specifically ignored looking at other artists work because I didn’t want to be influenced or to copy. I wanted to just experiment and see what I came up with. I didn’t even know who Jackson Polluck was until I was twenty-five.
As a collective when we further understand art, and artists who create; we become more clear about ourselves, and the facets of imagination meeting facets of reality. Either way it usually persuades you to let go a little or to take more action in your life. There is a style for everyone, whether it is the darker shadow elements or the lighter etheric reality encompassed through visionary art. Each finds and sustains its medium in the endless process of creative and inner growth.
So many people own commercial art. And the renaissance for the artist is in its beginnings. Worn out are the cheesy posters and the over industrialized “generic print.” Creative types like muralists and tattoo gurus are showing us how art can be a part of day to day life. Accentuating the home through art is the next step. Art should not have to have high price tag on it to be considered good. It is idealistic and nice to think that one can sell a couple of paintings a year and get by well enough, but what about art as a living, pumping it out because people need what you do and the medium you work in doesn’t take days to dry? Graffiti artists do it, and some of them eventually get paid for other artistic endeavors. Some local artists find their niche in photography and are able to make it by capitalizing on the every day things they are able to capture about their local area. Perhaps visionary artists are popping up all over with the same vision because we need change, and the artist are the just the people to bring it after this long oppression.
In tribal communities artists would trade their wares,it kept the tribe stocked with things of artistic necessity like blankets and pipes, but also things to trade with other tribes. What if some how, some way this visionary art is a local necessity as it goes about expanding minds, activating hearts, and making people thing beyond their normal bubble? I think it is. And before you know it, it going to be unavoidable.
Thank you to those who own and have influenced my art; those who hold it sacred, and realize your life is a little bit brighter because we have shared something beautiful. A lot of people look for one person to have babies with. I have taken a different route to loving those around me by allowing them to inspire a different kind of co-creation. I want to see us live in a better future, one giggling with bright colors of change. One we are appreciative of, and in awe to participate in. A life with Truth and appreciation of the experience. Each of you, in your own way have helped me become who I am through this process, and no words can express that gratitude I have for you in the sake of life and art!
May each of you receive the returned blessing of sharing your gifts with those waiting for what you have to offer. Each one of you does, it’s just a matter of figuring out how you can make it work. This always means committing to a certain degree of risk. But if you know me, than I know you can handle a little risk. Never be afraid to give the best parts of yourself in service of humanity, Each moment is priceless, each life is an investment, and each of us in our own way, is a necessary artist.

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