Hmmm fond merry making

I wish there was a more subtle way to say
“Let’s hang out.”
But we’re in front of friends and strangers and I’ve got no house to offer
I want to experience winter mixing words with you
dissecting verbs with you
making these hoo doo lazy days flow with you
but even I know it’s too soon to say these things
It’s just that muse speaks in mysterious ways
in a whimsical daze she relays the changes upon the wind
She shares desire and taunts the sin
a winning vice her voice is alive in the weaving of this dreaming
seemingly swimming behind these lines and looks
and all of this reminds me of a book I once read, the title now escapes me
i relate by waiting, no need to be the show off queen
cause i am clumsy, fumbling just to make a pass
attempts at not looking like an ass
i ache to leave a lasting sweet impression
freshly waiting to show this wanting.

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