One Water, One Family

The dream of the family.  The one that is not so pulled away from what good times mean.  The ones who drink in one another’s company.  And despite difference see beneath it the string of familiarity and inescapable unity.  Who are we to deny this for ourselves in our humanity.  Who are we, as individuals, to be spreading anything more than that unity.  Who are we, to enable the disease of hate?   For until we all find a pinnacle of perfection in ourselves and one another, we are bound to continue breaking each other down.   Even you, in your individuality, are part of a system.  A system of parts and pieces that work together to bring function.  If your mind decides it does not love the self, then the mind will work against the body at every turn.  Eventually it will break down in illness.  If we do not love and support one another as a system, it will continue to break down.

In this system we are bigger than politics, bigger than natural disasters, more brighter and full of potential than any self help seminar.

When your mind rebels against your heart, you have set yourself against yourself.  It will, in time, turn you against those who support you.

All of these are thoughts,  which serve as  multidimensional creatures.  Thoughts do not just stay inside of the head, for they are not separate from the blood, and our blood is not separate from water. Water flows into us and out of us.  The water from source, the exhalation of prayers into the night sky and the clouds above. All water is a physical manifestation of thought.  It is our Earth’s life blood.  It is in a sense, the greatest library of existence, flowing through each of us, sustaining us.

Bless the water, bless yourselves.  The transmutation you deeply seek in these tumultuous times is one you have control over.  When you bless the water, and you bless yourself you chose with your thoughts and breathe to be the best and brightest form of yourself.  The wisdom of the water, the keeper of our thoughts; will bring to the surface that which best meets your needs at the time and place of your journey now.  For we know water can cut canyons, creating beauty.  But a tsunami  of water can also destroy what you always thought you knew.  It cleans you off when you are dirty, your life force builds within it when you are being cradled in the womb.  There is no terrain water has not touched, no scene in history when it did not exist.  The knowledge you seek is already in side of you.  Like a library, you will find the answers you seek, once you are looking in the right section.  First you must acknowledge a need to go where the answers are.  It is time to consciously walk through the door.

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