Write to Make Yourself Right

I am 36 years old.

I have twice as many journals as my age.

You know what they tell me?

Almost everything, and I am sporadic writer.

But one of the first things I can tell you that writing will help with, and work you through, is cyclical pain from past trauma. The time, the season, the trigger. It will show you your insecurities, your triumphs. It will remind you of what “good” feels like, when you feel bad.

It will bring back vivid detail of times, people and things of the past.

It will beg you to question yourself and the world; your perception and acceptance.

It will take you to new heights, and hold the burden of your losses.

And if you love some one like a daughter, a niece, or whatever; the gift of passing it along is priceless.

Write, even if you have always told yourself you are a bad writer. You are under no obligation to share it, unless you want to.

If you want to know yourself better, do it.

Usually I have 3-4 notebooks going at one time for various things… charting territories of my personal observations, feelings, and evolution.

Our world so badly wants relation, but we hide in cyber hibernation under status updates, while our internal worlds spin with no outlet, like a plugged up washing machine caught on the spin cycle with no outlet.

We want to purge. We want to connect. We want to remember. We want to be remembered. We want to know all is not for naught. We want to learn and grow. We want a road map.

Writing can provide all of that and more. Leave self judgement at the door, and pick up a nice pen and some strong paper… it is willing and able to hold the weight of your soul.

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