Volume 2: Dissemination. (extreme language, adult humor, inane banter)

  • Our Buddy Mr Dick Talkin’ Dude has a nice response for me, and Women love a man who enters with a good insult… watch the dissemination process where he proves he must have fallen off the wagon.

    Did you bake your head in a microwave? I’m sorry, while it may take you “way to much energy” to compose something that is multiple paragraphs–and to process it as a result but I fucking have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree so the above so called output of “way too much energy” is about 1/10,000 of the output I have been trained to produce as a result of my education.


    You are started saying how this guy was messaging you about his small dick and it was bad pick up line. I responded by saying I am normal and I seem to have never had any problem. Then you started with the “women” fake it just to get guys off of them” bullshit. And so on… I didn’t make the conversation about me. If it’s not “too much energy” you could go back, read the texts, and see that you were steering the conversation. I was simply responding to you repeatedly saying the dumbest things–in refernce to sex–I have heard about sex. 

    You may think you’ve had great sex but what I know is that the “top shelf” for you was only mediocre if you size has something to do with. You don’t have to seek out my references. I was only siting them because they are from women who pretty much make all of the things you said bullshit. 

    You steered the conversation towards me. If you go back and read–and don’t hurt yourself by using “too much energy”–you will see that one of the first things I said about my sexual histpry was, “you don’t want to know.” You said, “I like answers.” So directly as a result of that statement I GAVE YOU ANSWERS. God you are dumb. 

    Since it was “too much energy” for you to read what I wrote. I don’t expect you to waste precious capacity–that you will need for sheep farming so you can be an “artist” lol–to actually go back and see that I was just responding to your assinine comments about dicks. 

    6-8 is good for you huh. Good luck with that. The Ramses study showed that only 8% of the world has more than 5.8 inches, which is the average size of a penis. Look it up on Wikipedia. 

    Anyway, I have better things to do with my time–and dick–than waste it on someone who does not consider the facts before she speaks. Whatever. 

    Hope reading this didn’t use “too much energy” Report this 

  • Jan. 6, 2011 – 9:52pm

    Good luck with your arrogance. Women love that in men.



  • Jan. 6, 2011 – 10:42pm

    (2:45:42 pm)Chews4Cheeses:I used to be a touring musician. I have had a pretty amazing and tragic life and i am just trying to settle down and have a cool ass relationship filled with travel, good food, amazing sex, movie watching, creativity, amazing sex, book reading, amazing sex, and amazing sex



    here you clearly have some needs and desires to bring up the topic of sex, inevitably leading to your dick 

    (2:49:27 pm)madgemidgley:this guy is texing me right now on here, and he is telling me about his small penis… not a good opener 

    my comment here is a preemptive, “I see your sex comments, please don’t talk about your dick, because this other dick is already doing it, and it’s not what I want to talk about…” i am surprised your bachelors and masters didn’t see that, but they didn’t really see your spelling errors either. What Subtext 101 and Reading Between the Lines wasn’t offered at your school… hmm poor curriculum. But since your pulling out punts, I wouldn’t really know, you know, since I am just a sheep farmer artist. 


    (2:49:47 pm)Chews4Cheeses:what did he say exactly 

    So I was guiding the conversation? Your a dude just brimming excited to talk about dicks, even if it isn’t your own. Sexual Repression much? It’s okay I hear a lot of guys lie to women on the internet because they can’t get them to lay with them in a bed. But you don’t know about that either, right, I forgot to read what you wrote. I might as well tell the truth right now, I don’t have eyes… 

    (2:52:38 pm)Chews4Cheeses:that is his way of findng out if you are one of those women who care about the size of a guys dick, which I have some personal opinons on 


    hmm, some opinions, lets look further to see if I ask for them? You obviously are starting the test here to see what my response is so that you can later associate dick size to being shallow… here you have me backed into a corner where I simply say what I know. I am not asking for you to respond to it, I am making a statement about me personally…. but wait, 

    (2:54:03 pm)Chews4Cheeses:that is extremely sad for you 

    now all of a sudden you want to judge my experience? Whose place is it of yours to judge my preference or to say I need something other than what I have had. They must teach you guy that stuff in college too. Jumping to conclusions and assumptions. Intelligent stuff. 

    Enter: a barrage of unnecessary and uninvited information. Again you are guiding this conversation. Taking some other dude’s 3 inch dilemma and turning the table to talk about… wait for it…. YOUR DICK. 

    I never asked. And something tells me a real sexual guru would be a bit more gentle on my lack of experience and not degrade me furthering my dislike for arrogant dicks, such as you have proven yourself to be. Not that I want to start any name calling, but since I have supposedly microwaved my head, I am going to say this is just observation and referential discourse. 

    (2:55:38 pm)Chews4Cheeses:I have had enough sex in my life to know that the size of a dick has nothing to do with making a woman have an orgasm 

    (2:55:46 pm)Chews4Cheeses:not that I am small 

    (2:55:55 pm)Chews4Cheeses:im normal 

    Now you may want to see a therapist, because all of this escalates and shows perhaps some insecurities in your masculinity. Here we have me, making just another statement that women fake it. Now, I don’t attempt to assume or accuse that they do with you; but that nasty insecurity sets in, and again makes it all about you…. 


    (2:56:25 pm)madgemidgley:women fake it honey to get it over with 

    (2:56:32 pm)Chews4Cheeses:lol 

    (2:56:37 pm)Chews4Cheeses:you think that 

    (2:56:50 pm)Chews4Cheeses:not with me 

    (2:57:18 pm)madgemidgley:ok mr. confidence 

    (2:57:27 pm)Chews4Cheeses:it’s not confidence 

    (2:57:46 pm)Chews4Cheeses:but why the hell would someone fake it to get it over with just to do it 4 more times 

    In fact, I never accuse you of anything. I make vague, blanket statements that you seem to take very personally. Perhaps you feel it is your mission to bring your gift to all women of the world and to correct their naive and impressionable minds with the glory of you and your talent Bachelor and Mastered Degreed Penis. I don’t k

    now. I don’t claim to know your purpose here on earth. 


    (2:58:18 pm)Chews4Cheeses:and i will straight call someone on it 

    (2:58:21 pm)madgemidgley:oh can you now, how do you do that 

    (2:58:36 pm)Chews4Cheeses:man, you are asking questions you really dont want the answers to 

    (2:58:38 pm)Chews4Cheeses:lol 

    (2:59:14 pm)madgemidgley:i like to hear answers 

    (2:59:21 pm)madgemidgley:one way is to kiss a girl after she cums 

    (2:59:41 pm)madgemidgley:if her mouth is cold she did, the blood rushes to the clit after orgasm just like the head of the penis 

    Here we have the dreaded “I like answers.” Now I am wondering if you reread these because it seems to me you must be drunk because you used all of the things I said in my email out of order and out of context. Did you go to school and study being a Lawyer? If not, it may not be too late. 

    Now previously you were talking about calling people out, because you “know what you know.” Now you said you know physical responses in women, and I wanted an answer to what physical responses you know to be true in women. You don’t answer, you just proceed to blow up on your skills some more. I didn’t ask about your sex skills Mr. Good Reader Guy Who Pays Attention And Likes To Berate People. I asked about KNOWN PHYSICAL RESPONSES IN WOMEN… 


    (3:01:52 pm)Chews4Cheeses:i just know what I am doing, it’s not confidence or an ego thing… I just know that I know what i am doing 

    (3:01:59 pm)Chews4Cheeses:for many reasons 

    (3:02:38 pm)Chews4Cheeses:it’s like me saying I can play the guitar extremely well 

    (3:02:41 pm)Chews4Cheeses:I can 

    (3:02:44 pm)Chews4Cheeses:thats it 

    (3:02:49 pm)Chews4Cheeses:just a fact 

    (3:04:25 pm)Chews4Cheeses:but with the guitar unlike sex I can just show you the awards i have won, or let you hear me play, sex is all talk until someone delivers 

    Here is more proof already in the conversation that you were not paying attention and quick to judge me about who started the conversation with at least 7 references to wanting sex. All this is chronological order with the time stamp… pay attention, women like that. 

    (3:07:06 pm)madgemidgley:yep and talking about it doesn’t like make me curious or anything… when men talk about it it comes across as shiesty 

    (3:07:13 pm)Chews4Cheeses:whatever 

    (3:07:23 pm)Chews4Cheeses:i didnt start the conversation 

    (3:07:27 pm)Chews4Cheeses::) 

    (3:08:35 pm)Chews4Cheeses:i wasn’t trying to make anyone curious, just responding to the things that are being said 

    (3:10:03 pm)madgemidgley:ohh but you were quick to tell of your “skills” or whatever 

    (3:10:22 pm)madgemidgley:easily a subtext that was unnecessary 

    (3:10:53 pm)Chews4Cheeses:my skills are not in quotes and if yu want i could give you refernces so that there is no question 

    Why the FUCK would I want references? YOU IMED ME! Are you trolling for sex, Deprivation Dude? If so, like I said, I am curious to the type your antics work on. 

    (3:11:46 pm)Chews4Cheeses:i was actually stating my skills in relation to whether size was factor in providing the appropriate amount of pleasure a woman desires which was simply a response to you saying ” 

    (3:11:52 pm)Chews4Cheeses:I won’t settle 

    AGAIN, NO ONE ASKED ABOUT YOUR SKILLS, YOUR SIZE OR YOUR PERSONAL OPINION IN REGARD! YOU guided a conversation and filled it with inane sexual knowledge about yourself. 

    (3:13:25 pm)madgemidgley:well despite the lack of consistent sex, i have had the oppertunity to try more than one size, and i am gonna say that for intercourse via penis in vagina, size TO ME matters, and therefor, if i am gonna put anything up there, it better fill it up right and press on all the right sopts 

    (3:13:30 pm)madgemidgley:spots 


    (3:14:11 pm)Chews4Cheeses:but in reality since you are not experienced enough sexually–your own words–to know if size is the ultimate deciding factor you will probably end up settling for someone who is larger and provides relatively less pleasure, not being aware that you are missing out you will then have a false sense of pride in the mundane unimaginative–on the guys part– 

    I never say size is the only thing that matters. This is one of the only things I have said personally about myself during this first exchange and that was taken out of context by you. There was no allowance for me to speak on anything but what I know. And since you do not question if I desire more than just a decent sized cock and the whole package of a person, you clearly take my wording toward wanting a man with a phallus in which is compatible to me, personal. There is nothing wrong with that. I make another personal statement that you feel a need to judge. Why so judgey about other people Judgy Mc Judgerson and the Judgeyville Judgers. 


    (3:16:50 pm)madgemidgley:thats a creative thought which i totally find inaccurate, as i am not one to keep myself in unsatisfying relations… just because i haven’t had a shit ton of sex doesnt mean i dont know what i like or what i am looking for an if a partner cant give what i need or augment their routine in a way that meets my needs, why stay around? 


    Here I am referencing your previous judgmental attitude toward my lack of experience. You are basically trying to sell me something I don’t want, and I am telling you “Hey man, I know what I know, you know what you know. We are looking for different things, we obviously are different people with different needs.” 

    (3:19:59 pm)Chews4Cheeses:OMG did yo just call me naive about sex? I don’t need to say anything further. That in itself is a very naive statment considering that I have women completely leave thier husbands and childrfen after sleeping with me–much to my dismay–and who have offered

    to writeme refernces, im not even kidding. size has no fucki fucking bearing in the quality of sex, at all, that is uless you have a freakishly large vagina


    (3:20:29 pm)madgemidgley:no i think it is naive to be general about sex and to assume all women need or feel the same thing 

    Again with assume and taking things really personally. Then on to talking about shit no one wants to hear about, Women leaving their Children and Husbands for the GURU OF FUCK!!! 


    All right, that about does it. Thank you SO much for this time. It has been really amusing going back and seeing what an interesting yet completely stero-typical part of the male race you are. This is going to make me giggle for days. I especially like how you feel you have some superiority over me because you have had a lot of sex and a couple of degrees. It actually makes you sound so much smarter knowing you are probably a potential breeding ground for various STD’s picked up during your musical and detached from reality days. We are all just people man, nobody is really better than anyone else. I really appreciate that I am a far better proof reader than you are, and that I haven’t totally lost my sense of humor. Again thank you! This last part wasn’t work… it was fun.


    PS by “way too much energy” I meant that I can write all day long and not flinch but you are an energy sucker when it comes to guiding and manipulating conversations about dick. The degrees aren’t the only thing that train people to be intelligent, observant, creative, resourceful, talent, patient, kind or humorous. Some of us take it upon ourselves because we like a different kind of school, so why do you suck on my PhD in Observation from the School of Life.

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