A List of Thankful

I’m not sure how people have the strength, courage, and fortitude to have children in this modern world.  Heck, the more I think of it- it doesn’t matter what time in history we are talking about- having children seems like an absolutely terrifying life path.

I am thankful my parents wanted me so badly that they had to try to make it happen.  How I’ve spent years feeling “unwanted” is beyond me.  My brother was the accident- but you know what?  They wanted him too, they just didn’t have to intend him as they did with me.

I am thankful I was raised before the age of technological saturation.  How blessed I was to be woken up at the crack of dawn to go fishing with my aunt;  to go sledding in the mountains, to go backcountry to cut down a Christmas tree, to go camping all over the US.  Those where the days when imagination was easily immersed in books and drawing paper.

If you had a computer- it belonged to the family, and it wasn’t used that often because it interfered with the phone line that everyone also shared.   It was a time in history when there were time limits for these shared resources.  Set the kitchen timer for a twenty-minute phone call.  When the timer went off- the call would need to wrap up- post haste. If you needed the computer, you could use it for an hour, but not if someone was expecting a phone call.

I am thankful I was raised in a time where we had to communicate our needs and expectations to one another- face to face.   A lost time when dinner was ready, your parents would holler at you to set the table- instead of sending a text message to the room down the hall.  It scares me to think that this is how we have adapted to our technology.

I am grateful that most of my youthful indiscretion was analog.  Stupid mistakes made before the time when everyone had a digital instant camera in their pocket, ready to record the blunders of those around them.   A time before “revenge porn” and naked selfies.  I can’t imagine the unconscious stress this adds to teenage/ young adult lives.  I can’t imagine how this will change the foundation of relationships in the future.  Yet another terrifying thought that brings me back to my appreciation for how much simplicity we had at one time.


One thought on “A List of Thankful”

  1. I hogged the phone line 😀 What made it worse is that, at the time, we didn’t have our own phone line so we ”borrowed” a wire from my grandparents house, as we live on the same estate. So, not only was I abusing the phone, I was abusing it for two households at the same time 😀 It was a known fact that the phone was mine from 10am till maybe 1pm with occasional pausing for the sake of the ”lucky” people who maybe had a chance to break through… What made it even more worse is that our one and only phone line was such crap that you could hear the local radio station playing through it. Getting it to connect at 50K was a feat and victory. Getting to download a song (one song) was ecstasy…

    This one Indian Yogi said that we all think that we are suffering our job, family, success, failure and whatnot, but in fact we are suffering our memory and imagination, 2 magnificent faculties that we do not know how to use so we blame it on the boss or boyfriend. In the same way, it is not technology that is to blame…

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