Dry July- Day 14~ Dry Friday

How the hell does one “enjoy” social outings, as an adult, without a head shift and a fist full of beer?   They don’t.  They leave the social gathering and go to Ross an hour before they close, where they spend the money that they didn’t use on alcohol, on some random cosmetic products.

Yep.  That was my Friday night.  I went and spent money on stuff I don’t really need, in lieu of drinking.  You know what?  Drinking is actually far more fulfilling to me, then shopping.  I think I might be more grossed out by the senseless consumerism of people, than I am at my own drinking.  And yet, I’d rather be in a store with all those mindless consumers, then being sober hanging out with drunk people.

On the way home, I said “I’d actually rather spend my money on drinking, then buying stuff I don’t need, and probably won’t actually use.  I know exactly what I am getting with alcohol.  I know exactly what I spend toward it; the worst part is taking out the trash.”

The only real draw back to drinking is how horrible it is for internal function in longevity.  Oh, and those people who turn into raging idiots when they drink, they are a draw back too.

A person doesn’t have to be around others to drink.  Solo drinking is definitely a thing.  It’s slightly cheaper, and you don’t have to deal with the bar scene or potential drama.

You can drink at your own pace at home.  ( I can easily drink a six pack over six or seven hours and never feel anywhere near drunk.)  That is my speed of drinking.  Browse the internet, leave some kind messages.  Play a game, go read my blogs to my grandma. Paint a picture, dance in the back yard.  All those thing pair well with any spirited fluid of my choice.  There is rarely drama, and since I am already at home, I don’t need to drive anywhere.  Risks are basically managed, and if something dumb does happen; I only have myself to blame.

When you add more people into the mix, you have a potential for what I like to call “competitive drinking.”  One person finishes their drink quickly, and wants another,  and asks everyone else if they need another; then it snow balls into people buying rounds and shots and shit like that.

Home drinking with a “competitive drinker” is THE WORST.  Competitive drinkers at home, do not drink beer or wine, and they do not use glasses.  They rarely pick their poison by quality, rather by price point and measured volume for maximum impact.

Competitive drinkers ARE ALL ABOUT getting drunk.  That is the prerogative.  They want to get drunk quickly, most often you will see them drinking straight from a liquor bottle.  They are the first to be sloppy, and often times the first to pass out in an uncomfortable and somewhat compromising display.  In their sedated state, sprawled and limp, it’s hard not to be disgusted.

Fridays are a weekly holiday for Competitive drinkers.  I call it, “The Amateur Hour.”   After being responsible all week; why not act like a bumbling fool come Friday night?  Take a load off, and whatever you do, Don’t drink any of  the water someone is bound to offer you!

Late night Friday, I am up and writing.  Sirens are coming and going every half hour or so.  It’s definitely a busy night for law enforcement.  The idiot parade is at it again.  Not my monkeys not my circus.

I fell asleep around 1:30-2:00 am, grateful I wasn’t out, or on the road, or in the company of those who lost touch with reality hours ago.

I guess it’s those small gratitude’s that matter.


A Thank You and an I Love You,  to all my dedicated readers and new followers! Thanks for continually showing up,  I hope you are enjoying this series.  I would love to hear about some of your worst nights out.  What happened?  Spill the deets in the comment section!  I am always grateful for thumbs up and likes, so don’t hesitate to press that button along with the share feature!

Have a great rest of your weekend!  Cheers!


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