Dry July- Day 12~ Handle ThySelf

All desire Self Authority; Few seek Self Mastery.

A Philosopher; A Priest, a Rabbi, a Motivational Speaker, a Yoga Instructor, a Coach, a CEO, a Professor and Jesus all walk into a bar.  Bartender asks, ” What’ll it be?”  Jesus says ” Nine empty shot glasses.”  The bartender replies, “Is this a joke?”  Jesus says, “No, it’s our monthly meeting of the Self Mastery Social Club.”

Self Mastery is a life long relationship, you may not realize you are balls deep inside.  Some take it in stride, and others shrivel away from the ride.

Have you ever dropped a relationship; a habit, an obsession, a food, a style or a job, like it was a hot potato?  Have you ever just woken up one day, and said to yourself “That isn’t for me anymore?”

Chances are, that you have, and might not even realize the weight of that decision until years later.  Not until you look in retrospect and see how your life changed after making that one little decision.

We are faced with Self Mastery scenarios everyday.  It can be the difference between saying scathing remarks under your breath, or taking a time out to reassess our latent aggression.

There are endless paths to Self Mastery… but sadly, since we are all human; Self Mastery does not equate perfection.

You might be a champion bowler, but your underhand soft ball game is WEAK!  But if you respect bowling and don’t give two shits about softball, what does it matter anyway?

There are several worlds of thought when you get down to Self Mastery.  The Philosopher may believe that Self Mastery, is having their philosophy out in the world.   A Priest may see it as compassionately serving their troubled congregants.  A Rabbi might see it as learning the Mystic Teachings.  A Motivational Speaker may see it as sharing how they overcame adversity.  A Yoga instructor might see it as working through poses.  A coach may see it as producing an All Star Team.   A CEO may see it as building a successful and profitable business from the ground up.  A professor may see it as how many publications they have made, and how many graduates they’ve had.

All of these things are external expressions of the work people put in to trying to better themselves and thereby help the world around them.  Still, these external reflections are not the depth of Self Mastery.

I interpret Self Mastery to be: a hyper-awareness, and a hyper-vigilance toward knowing; listening and doing what is truly best and most healthy in mind, body and spirit for ones self, regardless of  external influences such as environment, company, or perceived judgement.

Basically,  One then takes on, also a hyper-honesty, because when you act from that place, it’s almost like someone is always watching and keeping record of your accountability.  Funny thing though, is the One who is watching You, IS YOU.

Self Mastery isn’t going to go hide in the cupboard eating candy and then deny it later. Self Mastery goes hand in hand with Self Authority and Self Responsibility.  Those three can be some tough mothers.

Most people want to be better then they are, and it’s totally within their control.

Are you one of those people?  If so, sit down and ask yourself what your personal definition of Self Mastery is.  Is it something you can work on, knowing you will never be perfect, and that you will have off days?  Can you reconcile that with yourself, in order to be even a little better tomorrow, than you were today?  I mean, you have the rest of your life to work on it, and it’s kind of like planning to go to the gym; the hardest part is showing up.  But, hey; You would be showing up for You. (Did you know, you are the only person who can truly do that for you?) A better you, is going to be great for you and everyone you deal with on a daily basis.  I would encourage you to take a risk on yourself and give it a go.


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