Dry July-Day 21~Unintentionally Committed?

My friend and I were talking, and he asked, “So is this going to roll over into Dry August?”  And I thought about it for a moment, and this was my response;

“I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and I don’t know that I want to drink any more.  I thought maybe I would just wait until my birthday in September, but then it’s like, why throw away two and a half months of abstinence for one night?  I know I won’t feel great the next day, if I do.  My research has pretty much grossed me out.  My hormones are still out of wack,and even a small amount of alcohol acts as a hormone disruption. “

I went on to talk about my research into whether or not the body bounces back quicker if you have been fit in your life before, and indeed, studies show that muscle memory kicks in when you restart a routine that exerts your body on a consistent basis.   I mentioned that my trap muscles are really popping from even modified push ups.  I am noticing where my body is losing fat and looking to conform to the underlying muscles.

My friend says something profound, “ Drinking is sort of that way too.  Kind of like muscle memory.  If you start drinking again, it’s easier to just make room for it in your life again.”

We let our lives conform to it being there, consistently.  I am 21 days in; it’s hot out, and I haven’t craved alcohol at all.  I haven’t touched the four Lagunita’s IPA’s sitting in my fridge. (One of my favorite beers.)

Besides water, coffee and tea, I have decided maybe I will be a seltzer water snob.  I mixed some Q lavender seltzer with Q Ginger Spritzer, and topped it off Mountain Valley Sparkling Spring water; which created a delightfully light and bubbly beverage with a hint of zing, the essence of lavender alluding to a non existent sweetness and a dry finish.  The mouth was left feeling quite clean and refreshed.  So… I don’t know, it seems like something I could get into, creatively.   I have had one a night for a couple of nights, almost like a very clean night cap/ guilt-free dessert.   Honestly, even I find it fucking weird to be imagining flavored sparkling water recipes in lieu of cocktails.  And yes, frozen berries in the waters is an extra good treat.

I am still not sure how I am going to handle social outings.  If maybe I need to just bring my own glass and a bunch of bottles of sparkling water I intend to mix up and drink.  I mean, I think I could get down on that, but I am not sure how that works at, say, a bar.  We do have a new joint called the Ballroom, and they are all chi-chi with their drinks.  Perhaps if I show them some of my water mixers, they can carry what I need, then they can market the mixes with various alcohols, and like a margarita I will ask for mine to be prepared virgin?  I mean, if they started to carry a whole slew of amazing varieties of sparkling waters with flavor, I could go gung- ho on that, especially if they made their own with out sugar or sweeteners.

This has got to be one of the stranger posts I’ve put out there.  But, for whatever reason, I think this idea is going to get hip in a year or two.  And you can be like, “Oh yeah, that is old news.  Mandie, was doing that like two years ago.”  Artisan water shops will open up, really, it will be HUGE!  Just you wait and see.  😉

Thanks for tuning in again! As always, like, share, and comment.  Let me know if you want to help me start the Seltzer Water Social Club…LOL.

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