Dry July-Day 26~ Week Three Wrap Up

Well, I have successfully wrapped up week three of no alcohol, and easily said no to wine when offered.

Like I’ve said before, this has been easy.  In part it is my lack of desire to go out… so maybe that is cheating a little?  I’m not putting myself in locations where I might feel inclined to drink.  Let me tell you, if one wanted to drink in this town, it’s easy enough to do; but right now we are in the middle of our local “holiday week” of Cheyenne Frontier Days Celebration.

So, it’s lots of rodeoin’; drunkin’ boot scootin’  hootin’ and hollerin’ ’round these parts.

Today in particular, is “Cheyenne Day” wherein one of our main streets is shut down, and drinking is allowed on the sidewalks during the day, mid week for any all who are legal or sneaky.  It’s notorious for people being black out wasted before noon.  Yehaw, Wild West!

Maybe I will go down there later and just observe a little bit.

In other news, I figured I would post a little up date on my exercise successes.  In total since I started working out again, and charting everything on June 20, 2017; I am down a total of 8lbs;  17.5 inches over my body, and I’ve lost 7.38% body fat.

NO DOUBT cutting out alcohol has made a huge difference.  

I’m not sure if anyone else can tell that my body is shifting, but I sure can.  My waist is coming back; my butt is perking up, clothes are starting to fit better and I am consistently getting to bed earlier and waking up before 8 am.

However, one thing I have noticed is, my days don’t seem any longer than they did before… so I don’t know about any feelings of change when it comes to actual productivity.  I am basically doing the same stuff, in pattern, at a different time of day.

I will say; by making time to exercise and weekly increasing intensity, or changing format for challenge, I do feel at least one thing out of my day is personally productive.  Writing down what I do daily, in an exercise journal gives me at least something tangible to reflect on when it comes to small steps toward a bigger accomplishment.

Watching the numbers is sort of obsessive for me,  in the sense of understanding my body more intimately; which is certainly encouraging.

I’ve joined gyms at different periods in my life, and my greatest physical strides were never made there.

 It’s knowing and acting on the knowing that: All Of This Is Up To Me. It’s all within my capacity to control.

 We all want our own personal Cheer Section, but sometimes all we get, is the choice of whether or not to cheer ourselves on.

Cheering yourself on can be incredibly hard when you may already be feeling down and in the dumps.  I found that feeling shitty, and feeling  it honestly and  deeply for a duration will finally bring me to a place of absolute boredom with that feeling.  I move beyond “I am feeling this way.” to “What the fuck can I do to get out of this?  I am sick of it.”

Some people, go dark.  They just want to die to escape that feeling, they can’t see the temporary nature in it.  They get caught in a feeling of permanence, which is deceptive.

I’m not that kind of person, I don’t want to kill myself; I don’t want to be in depression forever, and I understand that going through periods of hopelessness assist me in relating to others in that predicament.  I understand my worth as a person, and the worth of shitty experiences in helping me to understand and overcome certain mental and emotional hurdles.

I’ve learned to do this for myself without a Coach, and without a Cheering Section; so I know it isn’t impossible.

Like I said, everything is temporary; and that even means “Feeling on top of the world.”

I’ve worked out, and had my body in a shape I was very happy with, and when I was happy with it, I became lazy about maintaining it.  I thought “Here I am, I climbed a mountain, now I’ll never have to climb a mountain again.”  And I went merrily, merrily on my way back down the other side of the mountain. Then I lazed around in the valley for a while, still caught on the high of the mountain.  Eventually I wandered into the dark forest,  which caused stress, and that stress became weight, and before I knew it I was walking through that dark forest with all this weight until I came to the base of a different mountain… and there was no foreseeable way around the mountain, so I had to start climbing again.  And as I climbed, I was losing that stress, because I remember what freedom feels like on top of the last mountain.  And that feeling carries me through how rough it is to be climbing a mountain.  I remind myself that I can see further and more clearly from up there.  As I climb higher and higher, I become lighter, until finally I make it to the top, and stop to breathe, feeling as light as the air.  A feeling of success.  All the while (this go around) taking the time to pay close attention to what lie below in every direction.  Making note of the other mountain ranges, valley’s, forests, and pools of water waiting to be experienced.   What I notice from up here; is there is no straight line to anywhere.  There is no shuttle to the top of any of the mountains.  There are no Sherpa’s to show the way.  We have no wings to go straight to the source of desire by flight.  Every step has a certain drudgery in it, as it is work, but this work is personal and only you can do it.  Every time you step forward you learn a bit more, you become more attuned to the rugged journey.  Occasionally the seasons and scenes change, but you just keep keeping on.

At least, that’s what my internal Cheer Leader is telling me.

Hello, lovely readers!  Thank you for all the likes and shares and wonderful messages I have been receiving!  You All are a bunch of wonderful specimens of life!  Keep up the wonderful participation, and I can’t wait to hear more!

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