Audio Exploration #4 : Sun Dogs ft. Alessandro Muresu

Another lovely sonic story time collaboration!  Enjoy!


Alessandro Muresu –

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Non ero io

-my lost tapes

Avrei dovuto scrivere i giorni scorsi, ma le cose delle quali avrei voluto scrivere mi tenevano lontano da questo. E adesso non ho molta voglia di raccontare. Capita appositamente in questi giorni la soluzione del piccolo grande difetto del blog, del quale non mi ero reso conto per anni, i pulsanti di iscrizione che non erano stati inseriti a vista. Giorni di disvelamento o di maschere, giorni di correzione o rinsaldamento della farsa. La gente si sposta in copiose carovane e segue entusiasta il carnevale. Fra uno scherzo e l’altro anche a questo giro non comprendono che va in scena il loro mascheramento, del dramma profondo sotto al quale gattonano vita dopo vita, fra lacci filanti e frammenti inconciliabili di vite che nascono e tornano in pezzi. Le maschere si burlano degli sbadati.

Invece, è il periodo di maggiore espansione e potenza di tutti coloro che hanno mantenuta elevata l’ispirazione…

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PIE # 5- Earth Angel

We are more than we recognize.  It’s time to reintroduce ourselves to ourselves.



Reading from previous personal posts. Links below.

What if you found out you are an angel?

If we are Angels, when do we ascend?


Music by Alessandro Muresu, Album- Nubi Volume 3 2018- Track 6:  A Matter of Principal

Alessandro Muresu Bandcamp

Alessandro Muresu Facebook Artist Page



Recent Musical Magic

Alessandro has again outdone any expectation I may have toward his Mastery of sound.

My part- at first appearance seems somewhat meaningless- just recording what would be overlooked as mundane sounds of normal life- at times with a little extra manipulation.  It doesn’t seem like a symphony.

It sounds like a person walking- or a train sitting at the station.  It sounds like wind in a microphone and the chime on the convenience store door.  It sounds like an audible story where the only context and relation happens synaptically- charging the heart by overlapping imagination and experience.   That is all I do.

Then, I send these files of sounds to Ale- and he embraces the sonic story in his vibratory flux.  He modulates and gives structure to my foundation. He weaves the fabric and smooths the edges.  All of a sudden- the story becomes rich, a new memory can be made, the synapses fire with a longing and a nostalgia- foreign and familiar.

Without further ado- here are our most recent collaborations.   Enjoy!  Please share!  (Best through headphones, and closed eyes- it is a sonic journey after all!)



PIE #4 : Frequency and Perception

Much like the slit experiment measuring the patterns of photons moving through a barrier, observation changes pattern.  Come along with me as I explore perception and frequency as it applies to life, growth and change/adaptation.

Music by Alessandro Muresu from his album Inexistant World -

Why do you do what you do? What’s really running the show?

Check out my podcast Emancipation Station with my friend and co-host Jomo (Jordan)- some yummy ear nuggets to be shared!

The Emancipation Station

In today’s edition of Emancipation Station, Madge & Jomo discuss ‘templates’. What are they and how are they secretly in control of everything you do in your life?

Learn how the ‘templates’ you’ve been exposed to thru your life, control the daily choices you are currently making and the results you’re getting in your life.

If you want to change your life, you must be willing to change the templates that are guiding it.

Gain some insights into how to do this in today’s episode.

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