Madge Midgely-Alessandro Muresu: un nuovo episodio

I really could not write this out better, so I will leave you to the words and translations of Alessandro Mureso, my galactic collaborator and dream come true. Here we share with you that connections transcend time and space into the Infinite.

-my lost tapes

Senza lungaggini, poco fa ho fatto una selezione di 9 delle avventurose tracce che Mandie ed io abbiamo creato negli ultimi 30-40 giorni e le ho caricate sulla mia pagina Bandcamp. Mancano i successivi 25 minuti della già esauriente (21 minuti e 30 sec) 173, perciò mi prendo la libertà di integrare la seconda parte verso la fine della settimana. Nel mentre sto cucendo gli ultimi dettagli del mio lunghissimo OAMWTHIHS, che a questo punto diventa il mio titolo numero 16 del 2018.

Il link per ascoltarci è questo qua:

Abbiamo creato senza consultarci, invadendoci, dichiarando guerra agli spazi e ai silenzi, cercando nuove maree da zittire. Nove tracce come quelle già apparse nel nostro capitolo precedente di Ottobre, all’insegna del lo-fi e della spontaneità giocosa, ma anche di profondità e aspetti inquieti. Ci sono brani lunghi, sostenuti, che deviano nella foresta poetica e spariscono, e  brani corti come…

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Buffer Zone part 1

Listen, I’m no one and that is a good thing.  You don’t “need” to know me.

I’m like a log, or a well established area of moss.   This isn’t about me.  It’s about you, and me, and “this” and then how you process that information for the forward trajectory while trudging forward.

I think it sounds pretty basic, but I hear that there is some unperceived complexity that exists that is unseen by veterans; and  some of these newbs are really throwing an unexpected glitch into the game.  The  realistic nature of this conflict is unavoidable, so I am sure life is going to get even more complicated and interesting. I just attempt to keep the balance.

Seems like a crazy task when the table has one leg, but the memo said “This is your job.”   So what was I going to do?  Not show up?  Nah, man.  I knew shit was going to get weird. Instinctively I wore cargo shorts.     I had to face the fact the next journey was all about storage and flexibility.

Pocket 1:  Eight Energy/ Nutrition Bars. One Emergen-C   6 Peanut butter and Chocolate Naked Bars(my favorite.)  Two random bars no one wants. One packet of grapefruit Emergen-C.   (Label pocket #1 Delicious Last Resort.)

Pocket 2:  Two used paper towels; strip club match book, coupon for store brand *ish*, a clump of tissue discarded,( unused but crumpled tissues  from Grammy and half of one peanut butter and cheese cracker/  (Label pocket #2 Worst Case Scenario.)

Pocket 3: Dead phone.  (Label pocket #3 Death.)

*Reassure yourself of the four spare pockets and rename Pocket 4:Hope, immediately name Pocket #5 “Resilience.” Transition some contents from previous pockets to new homes.

Find a good hiding place for your whole body  and rest for the night.  Tomorrow, has a plan to kick your ass in a prompt and swift way.  You are going to have to be smart in your execution… and yeah, something may die. Hopefully it is your/my bad attitude.

Cura Te Ipsum

“Cura Te Ipsum”- Latin for “Heal Thyself.”

What does it actually mean, does it require a physician, or a professional and is it possible to do in this damaged world?

In this “New Age” there are plenty of people claiming to be healers. There are a variety of modalities that these healers use to get desired results.  Most practitioners are led or drawn to a specific modality at first and may add more to their repertoire over time as it appears no one modality covers all of the healing bases.

Why would that be?

What if I were to tell you that you don’t need a physician, you don’t need an outside healer- all you need is yourself and some patience?  What if I were to theorize to you, that these modalities are only a fraction of the whole being, initiated by an outside source which is a fraction of the whole, and that it is you alone- yourself; that is the only thing needed as a representation of the totality of the whole and the only one who needs to be present in initiating the healing?

I may be worrying some practitioners out there; afraid I might put them out of a job.

I find healing to be problematic as a “job” that works within the exchange of money or career; for healing is the most free gift we are given in physicality. It is so free, in fact, that it isn’t “second nature”, it’s just Natural.  Source energy is abundant, and healing is the most natural function of the body.  They key, is to figure out how to connect to that energy yourself, and bring it into you.   (Note, this doesn’t equal living forever, it correlates to longevity and mitigation of problematic symptoms while expanding awareness to cause an effect beyond the physical level.)

You can choose to take an hour and $50.00 out of your day to allow someone else to initiate the healing, or you can learn how to do it yourself and commit to taking an hour out of your day to do it.  You can also hone in on when you need it most; essentially adding a new tool to your personal rejuvenation routine.
Let’s look at some etymology before we settle down into learning how to make this connection.  I want to look at the etymology because it tells us where these words began to take meaning, their early definitions may be quite distorted from their modern common usage.   I find that getting to the root of all things, makes the view much clearer.

Let’s start with the word “physician.”  In today’s world, if asked what the word means, most would answer with “doctor.”  However when we look at the etymology of “physician” it leads us back to the early thirteenth century “fisicien” “healer or medical practitioner.”   Twelfth Century Modern French “physicien” originates from “fisique”  meaning “art of healing.”

Here we can see that a doctor is indeed a type of physician, just as a Reiki healer is also a physician.   This brings me to the phrase “Physician Heal Thyself.”

If you focus on healing, you are the physician.  And you should work on yourself, before you work on others.  But working on oneself is a life time task, so why are physicians working on other people when they have plenty on their own plate?  How has the exchange of an abundant, ever infinite energy being co-opted for money?  Strange right?

Let’s look at the etymology of the verb “heal”,  Old English  hælan”, literally means “cure; save; make whole, and well.”  We all have the power to heal, some of us heal faster than others given the condition.  The truth of the matter: you are the physician, you know the ailments better than anyone, and only you can bring yourself back into wholeness by directly accessing the Greater Wholeness.

Now when we reexamine the phrase “Physician Heal Thyself”, we can see it with new eyes.  It’s no longer an axiom left for doctors and surgeons- quite the opposite in fact; it leaves room for anyone interested in the art of healing themselves, personally.

You must be getting anxious now to get to the meat of the matter, but before we get there we need to take some time to discuss the reality of “Mind over Matter.”

New Age/ Modality healers are in awareness of vibrations, and that everything, every person, and every emotion exists on a vibrational plane.  Some of these vibrations are more noticeable than others; for instance, it can feel like an obvious vibration shift when someone walks into a room with an exceptionally high or low emotional state.  These things can be felt before they are ever seen.

(Anecdotally- I am incredibly sensitive to “dramatic” vibrations.  I can feel them coming from miles away.  This ability to perceive has kept my life fairly drama-free for well over a decade.)

If drama, or a bad attitude can bring forth a perceivable vibration, why wouldn’t disease do the same thing? And in turn, why wouldn’t healing be a vibration of it’s own.  Furthermore, if we can work ourselves into disease, why wouldn’t we be able to work ourselves out of it?

Modern context of the word “disease” would often be seen as something fatal, congenital, or incurable.  Perhaps even uncontrollable- a death sentence.

Early context of the word “disease”  meant dis-ease- “discomfort,inconvenience, distress, trouble.”  Nothing in the earlier meanings signifies a death sentence or something irreparable.

So, if you don’t need a doctor, or a healer outside of yourself, and disease is purely an inconvenient discomfort, everything sounds far more manageable than the stress that can arise from having to go in for your yearly physical.

Our modern world has weaponized words in order to create a fearful/stressful vibration; these vibrations are destructive to the many layers of vibrations that we exist within mentally, spiritually and physically.  When we are able to wrap our minds around ourselves as a whole existing within a whole, with infinite connection to the Whole- we can then wrap our minds around our own abilities within that great company.

Let’s look at misconceptions about healing.

  1. Healing takes a long time.

It would be more correct to say that “Healing is an ongoing process.”  Nothing stays in stasis for too long.  In a vibrational reality, we are constantly oscillating between the high and low vibrations.  Most of us stay within a personal standard range, at times being pulled higher than normal, or sinking lower than normal.  This can be caused by our environment and surrounding company, it can also be directed in a psychic sense.  I should add that there is also the frequency that is emanated by the Whole of Source, which allows all of humanity to shift into new frequencies as the world evolves.   Make note, the Whole Frequency is what we will be tuning into for healing because it holds all frequencies, so it holds the problem and the solution.  Lucky for you, you were born attached to All That Is And Will Ever Be.

Now, what about that little condition you want to heal?  Is that going to take a long time?  It depends.  Jack and Jill could both get a paper cut.  Jack might naturally heal in a day, and Jill could bleed to death because she has anemia and her blood doesn’t clot.  Yet when we become aware of using the Whole Frequency, the playing field is even.  As you attune to the Whole Frequency, you will get better at using it and the stronger it will come to you when you choose to spend time with it.

2. “There is no cure for….”

Within the Whole, there is a cure for everything.  You need not even believe in it, as much as you need to take the time to explore it.  That’s it.  You can do this being a skeptic, however you will never think it works, if you never try.

“So, if I can do this as a skeptic, what do I need in order to do this?”

Simply put-  You need yourself and the intention.  That is it.  You have to intend to heal.  You have to want that for yourself enough to take the time to do a rather easy and relaxing process.   If you are good at mental visualization it will be even easier to do.  Time is of the essence.  How often do we make excuses not to do, what we would actually like to do?  Probably more often than we would like to admit.  Just give yourself permission to take the time, honestly that will be the biggest hurdle.

Now, before we go any further, I need to make a disclaimer that this theorized technique isn’t going to spring my 91 year old grandma into youthfulness, or even make her immortal.  We each have a clock/contract for our time here on Earth and the relationship that you have to your clock/contract and the Whole Frequency is incredibly personal.  This will not save everyone from Deaths door, but it can assist in making the transition easier on the current physical self and those who care for your welfare.

Full disclosure, I am not a medical professional nor am I certified in any New Age healing modalities.  I was born knowing that we were able to heal ourselves, and the drive to learn more about that was catalyzed by the death of my mother when I was four years old.  She was twenty six and died of Ovarian Cancer.  I grew up with a mission to figure out Mind Over Matter, and the key to healing ourselves without outside assistance.

Some of the techniques I use are very similar to guided meditations.  Guided meditations can be hard for certain people to get into because they don’t resonate with the imagery being presented. The awesome thing about Whole Frequency, is when you choose play with it, you have the ability to modify it to your own need while using your own catalog of imagery to assist you in the process.

Healing is an incredibly personal thing.  Think about the people who try to hide their illness out of embarrassment or being seen as weak.  Imagine a healing regimen that you can do everyday as therapy or maintenance that will cost you nothing more than time out of your day.  A personal time dedicated to self care that requires little movement and can be done while laying down or sitting at a desk.

Could it be true?

Based on my own experiences, I think so.

My story starts before I was born.  My mother’s father was raised as a Christian Scientist.  Christian Scientists do not subscribe to Western Medicine and are of the staunch belief that if you were meant to be healed, God would heal you by faith alone.  My grandfather would loosen up on his beliefs as an adult but I believe he still held on to CS faith.  Further back in our linage his family can be traced back to Druidic occultism.  You may say my destiny to explore these ideas is clearly archived in my DNA and all it would take  to trigger my curiosity, would be experiencing the death of my mother at a young age, catalyzing the journey that would lead me to write this information that needs to be shared.

At a very young age I was picking up on the vibrations that people emanated out of a survival instinct.  It was much to my benefit to know when to tread lightly, and when there was much being said but not through words.

I come from a family of “bottlers”- people who stuff their emotions down, left to ferment until it explodes.  As a communicator, this never sat well with me; this discontent would serve me in my exploration on healing, because we must enter healing with a full honesty with ourselves.  It can be easier to be honest with ourselves, than it is to be honest with a doctor.

“How many cigarettes do you smoke a day.” – Uhhh, I would rather not say…  “only three.”

We go to doctors, hoping they can heal us, and yet they don’t have all the “information”, nor do they have all the Information.   You, on the other hand, DO have all the information/ Information, inside of yourself.  With only a fraction of the information, you only get a fraction of the potential healing/ insight. When we are honest with ourselves, and we consider all of our personal information, we allow a gateway to open that will intuitively guide us to multidimensional healing.

When we choose to seek medical attention we choose to allow our will to be manipulated by a soul influence outside of ourselves.  We decide to give our own power to another person with a degree.  At the same time, when we do that we kick in a certain amount of a placebo effect.   If you believe doctors heal, and you rely on them, the moment you call that office for an appointment, your white blood cells kick into high gear in at tempt to crush invaders.

Why does this happen?  Is it because we are ashamed to be weak, so we must try and heal before the dictator of illness casts their diagnosis?  Or, is because we are so powerful with potential, but no one told us how to harness and direct that potential?

I don’t know, but I think we can go on a fun exploration on that premise alone.

My first experience with healing would happen when I was approximately fifteen years old while at church camp.  I was well known for having strong hands, but a delicate touch as I would give hand and back massages to anyone who asked politely.  I simply love making people feel better and I am naturally attuned to touch specifically for that purpose.

Sometime mid week during the camp, one of the boys on my devotional team approached me and said, “My mom has had to be in traction for her neck a few hours everyday for over a year.  She really can’t move her head left or right.  Would you be willing to rub her neck and back?”

“Of course!”  I said, and I went over and rubbed her head, neck, shoulders and back for about a half hour, after which to my surprise, she started crying because she could finally move her head from side to side again.

I was shocked, and pleased.  This was the first time I saw massage as something more powerful than just a nice feeling.  I saw it akin to laying on of hands.  That there was a potent mystery emitting from my extremities.

I would continue to massage friends through high school as I searched for literature that would help me understand the actual elements at work during healing.   This is when I was exposed to the work of Barbara Brennan and her book Hands of Light.  I was most impressed with Brennan’s work because she moved from working in astrophysics with NASA, to teaching her own healing modality.  I admired the presentation because she was able to explain the frequencies of healing in a way that I could understand.

One of the things she stated in the book was, whether the healer was a Christian Faith Healer; a Reiki practitioner,  Wicca healer, or anyone else with the intention to initiate healing on others-  the frequency emitting from their hands was all the same across the board.  Belief system played no influence on the frequency when it was tested with various subjects.

The curiosity on this topic led me to enroll in Massage Therapy School at the age of nineteen.   Somewhat ignorant of the world, I found myself in the San Francisco Bay Area for school.

I’m going to be honest; once enrolled in massage school, it wasn’t resonating with me.  I could sense a major conflict of internal politics and the schools motto.  I found it awkward to get almost naked with class members for practice.  Once we began clinic practice I had a situation with a client that would ultimately catalyze my decision to drop out.

There wasn’t anything incredibly out of the ordinary with this client other than they were a ball of chaotic, angry energy.  (Yeah, no wonder she wanted a cheap massage.)  The school hadn’t really focused much on “grounding” ones energy, and since I had never had any problems before, I didn’t expect what happened next.

About twenty minutes into the massage, I passed out.  I noticed the tunnel vision setting in, and I eased my way to floor and blacked out for a couple of minutes.  Needless to say, that woman actually felt really bad about me passing out, when I really expected her to complain.  What I came to realize later, is that I had sucked some of that negative energy out of her and taken it into myself, and because I wasn’t grounded or connected to Whole Frequency, it knocked me down and out- it had no where else to go, I was a closed circuit.

I became hesitant to touch strangers after that, occasionally I would give it a chance; I quickly came to realize that not everyone wants an innocent massage which sealed the deal for me.  I would be very discretionary about energy exchange, and would only move forward with it if I knew the person well enough to gauge their energy at the time I was asked to work on them.  I began setting the boundaries for energy work that leads me to today.

Therapeutic touch is a real thing, and I am sure I could use some- however I am very, very wary of other people touching me, especially self proclaimed, certified healers.  You may wonder why?  I do not trust that other healers are always in the right space to be doing the work, just like I was unprepared to black out during that clinic.   When a person turns healing into a “job” or a means of employment, they are “on schedule.”  A practitioner may wake up one day and not being feeling well themselves, but they still have to show up and honor the appointment, if they don’t they can seem flaky.  As a client, you trust your practitioner to be right with themselves and the Whole, so they can channel that healing.  This is where we may see flaws in the healing we expect or desire.

Think of a game of telephone, where you whisper a phrase to the person next to you and then they pass it down the line to the next person.  Even by the second person, the message can get distorted.  By the time you reach the feed back loop the message has degraded significantly.  This is how I liken outside healers.  They have their own thing going on.  They have their own focus and intention.  They can think they are channeling Full Source Full Spectrum, but they aren’t.  You can compare this to having to use an adapter to plug a three prong plug into into a two hole outlet.   That adapter creates a slight disruption in the flow of energy as well as decrease in the amperage moving out ward, which actually causes a requirement of more energy to try and push through as a compensation.  The more adapters we put in between the source and the input, the more we degrade that frequency.

This is another reason I refuse to engage in Community Energy Shares.  If you have no idea what is going on in there, you can walk away drained or overly energized.  Community Energy Shares are a great place for energetic vampires to suck the energy out of unsuspecting people.  So let’s cut out the middle man, right?

Over the years I would continue to read literature about healing and frequency.  Often times these revelations of things  would come as intuitive insights, not gleaned from books or other healers.  I very much backed away from involvement in healing communities, though many of my friends have paid healing practices.  I don’t believe I have expressed to any of them how I feel about the matter, and no one has ever asked me directly why I never participate when invited to classes, certification courses and energy shares.

I have one friend that I did a couple of trades with, for art.  She offered Reiki as the trade.  I never took her up on the Reiki, instead I gifted the sessions to people with a strong interest in checking it out.  My friend never asked me why I didn’t take a session for myself, I suppose if she would have asked I would have told her the philosophy I have been developing from my personal experience.

For some reason, I don’t think my healing friends will appreciate this writing for the aforementioned reason that it might cut into their business.  I would like to express that I would hope that wouldn’t be the case, but one never knows.  If we take a new perspective on it, the more of us that learn to heal ourselves and share of those techniques freely, the more we will be able to open ourselves up for even more extraordinary exploration of ourselves, the world and the layered cake of frequency that holds it all together.

Imagine self healing becoming a daily routine like brushing your teeth, or tying your shoes.   Something that becomes such a second nature that you don’t have to think very hard about it, you simply have to take the time to do it.  A tool that you can share with your children at a young age, when they are already receptive to the multidimensional world.  It wouldn’t just be life changing, it would be world changing.

Now, what would happen to all those paid healers, who ultimately self define as a healer and put themselves into that box as a career?  They get the freedom to explore new ways of utilizing their energy; as they tap into the Whole Frequency, their eyes see opportunity in new ways, and the definition of “making a living” or having a “job” changes shape and quality.

Perhaps in the next instillation we will  go to : “Let us discuss Whole Frequency in terms of light.”

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Know Them

I walked into the square, where the people were divided on either side.  Malice in their eyes as they stared across at their supposed adversaries.

We were called to a meeting of the collective, which meant a period where separation was put on the back burner and we gathered together despite disagreement or dissent.

These meetings are not common, though it seems these day they are on the rise.   We are only called when the motion will impact both communities.  Basically, it’s a debrief that the rules have changed, and if we choose to ignore the memo, consequence is dire.

I’ve been attending these meetings for approximately 100 life times.  I’ve attended at every age and in every state of mind.  I’ve changed sides more than once, only to end up where I began.   Every time a meeting is called, I arrive with a hope that this is the last one in this dimension.

There was a sincere sense of anticipation and agitation among the crowd.  The collective air was akin to rousing a person from a deep sleep in the early morning, maybe only hours after they had settled in to rest.

I’d been up for hours, and so my desire to move it all along was evident in my opinion.

This messages representative was a mixture of child-like and foreboding.  Like a giant baby that could crush you with a look of innocence, or literally kill you by stepping upon your tiny little head.  I knew that they sent these type of representatives to create a new layer upon the other layer.  Of course a giant baby will create cognitive dissonance, but a Giant Baby that CAN AND MIGHT DESTROY YOU, just created a new richness to the mental conundrum already presenting itself.

In my head, I thought ” what the hell is it today?”

The giant baby took to the middle of the square and gave a little giant cough.  It adjusted itself.  The pupils in it’s eyes went to constrict into tiny dots and then immediately readjusted to dilation, a large dilation taking up nearly all the color of the iris.

Of course I saw how cartoonish it all looked, but I couldn’t look away.  Those large pupils drew me in and I was ready for the most current updates and messages about my evolving community, these downloads always proved to be detrimental.  In no way could I expect to hear what came as our update.

“Free Will and Free Manipulation are in Full Effect.  If you choose to pursue provocation in Free Will, you accept the contract of Manipulation and the playing field is leveled.  You can choose to play or sit on the sidelines.  All energy counts. Intentions can be doubled, tripled or quadrupled depending on Manipulation and Will in tandem.  The stakes are increased for those who are not in tandem. This is the final game, the final rounds. May the strongest survive to share their stories and technique.   Until we meet again, The Evolution has begun.”

My brain and heart were in full blast.  I don’t know why I hadn’t considered this possibility but, I skimmed over it because that is how impossible it seemed.  I looked into the eyes of those around me, and those across the square.  Would I play the game or would I play observer on the sidelines?  Could I play both roles?  Shit.  Could I play ALL of the roles?   Only time would tell,  and by the look of growing panic I was sure that my need to decide would be initiated in three… two… one…

The square would be the initial zone of destruction. Friends and neighbors began to turn on one another. I knew that the only way to survive, was to escape and let them destroy themselves.  I needed supplies and a place of retreat in order to continue the observation.

It was obvious to me that I didn’t need weapons.  This was a battle of the mind and the heart.  I snatched up some food stuffs and bedding before I wandered to the highest spot of view that I could find.  I committed to playing and observing. Perhaps not in that order.  I knew that I would be found, eventually; I knew that they would be tired and at the end of their wits.  Wits would be my Savior


My Best Friend: Dear, Future Dog Friend

Dear Future Dog Friend;

The seed of you has been planted in my heart and I felt it a good time to compose this letter of acknowledgement, for you have some perfect, medium size paws to fill.

I know you won’t be Claddagh.  I know you won’t have her smell or swagger, you may even ignore my whistle because it is too close to hers.  Please forgive me, I am going to be learning with you.  I want you to feel confident that you are you, and you are mine in love and journey.

I need you to know that Claddagh set up a state of being in me, that will make our companionship possible.  She wore the ruts of my heart, where only a dog can roam.

My desire for a dog led me to Claddagh, and her sincere companionship is what makes it bearable for me to consider a new companion.  She may not have been perfect, but she was perfect for me.  Lucky for you, I believe in that perfection and that souls find their connection in each other.  Claddagh helped me love deeper, and you get the benefit of that depth.

I know you are out there.  I know you are waiting on me and that I am waiting on you.

I will be here at these cross roads when you show up; and when you do  we will both turn a new page.  I can’t wait to love on you and share the journey.  I can’t wait until I see you, eye to eye.  Until then, I will be watching and waiting.

Be patient, Sweet Pea.  I believe in perfect timing.  I believe in you.

Burn me

Burn me.

Burn every remnant of me.

Take what I leave and pile it into the pyre and burn it to the ground.  Let the wind carry my ashes into oblivion.

Burn every word, and every page.  Let every painting singe until the pigments bubble, burst and explode.

Burn me to ash.

Take the concepts I was born to believe in and throw them into the blaze.   Take the relationships I thought I could rely on and burn them beyond recognition.  Scald my skin and the the external parchment I used as protection.

Burn me!

Set flame to the fibers beneath my feet; those pieces of paper that were the meat on my bones that were let loose by the cool breeze of inspiration.   May the fire be so hot that I can do no thing, except disappear.

Set the fire strong.  Make sure all of the pieces are kissed by flames.   Make sure I smolder until I am gone.

BURN ME~ until there is nothing left to burn.

The tears I cry today, could put out a fire in the future but I would rather burn.



Game On

Dear Source of Creation,

Cheers SirMadame!  It’s sparked my mortal mind to write you a bit about my position.  You see, I am so far from perfect  despite my desire to attain such lofty spots of divinity. I know it shouldn’t, but it does bother me at times that I could sink into this mortal realm.

Admittedly I struggle with “oneupmanship” and a sincere desire to be “right” or “correct.”   I mean, who am I kidding, who doesn’t want to be in “good favor” at some juncture in their life.

Given the fact that we are all an extension of You, I suppose you know this about me and it’s possible that you may have placed this specific code into the construct of my DNA when you were slipping in on the sly while my parents were getting busy that one blizzardy winter night, in front of the fire place in late 1979.

It’s weird, ya know?  You know everything about me,  I mean even stuff I don’t know about me, yet… and you… well, you are Everything, and it’s really hard for a human to know or even understand EVERYTHING.

At this point I don’t think I can or have surprised you, much less disappointed you.  That is a nice place to be because I now understand that you know and understand me because we can not be separated.  Funny how we all feel so disconnected at times, while you are there, just cultivating what we are as parts of you in your infinite expansion of IS-ness and Beingness. Oh, Creation, you are to be adored.

I wanted you to know that I have started playing your game in a new way.  I have to hand it to you, the game is brilliant and confusing.  No wonder it has taken so long to get to this next level.  Bravo.  Certainly a job well done.   I know you are aware that there is a worldwide team of us trying to win the match with the tools we have acquired, and I get the sense that this pleases you because you can up the ante’ infinitely.

The consensus of my team, is that we are ready to go full throttle for the win.  No slacking.   This has gone on long enough and we are ready to meet our Maker, or ChessMaster or Creator…. I don’t know what you call yourself in these hip days of slang.

Our only stipulation is that we want to meet with you with proper concession in order to make sure all the rules and conduct are updated.

I’ve assembled teams to attend to corners and ends of all the needs for fulfillment on the board.  The players are locked and loaded with the ancient wisdom.  They’ve all been trained in the Akashic and their hearts are pure and willing.

We understand that we are not playing against you, as much as we are playing for the totality of the game.

Creation, we love you, but it’s time for GAME ON.  May our upgrades be organically glorious.

See you on the other side of the board.





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