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Know Them

I walked into the square, where the people were divided on either side.  Malice in their eyes as they stared across at their supposed adversaries.

We were called to a meeting of the collective, which meant a period where separation was put on the back burner and we gathered together despite disagreement or dissent.

These meetings are not common, though it seems these day they are on the rise.   We are only called when the motion will impact both communities.  Basically, it’s a debrief that the rules have changed, and if we choose to ignore the memo, consequence is dire.

I’ve been attending these meetings for approximately 100 life times.  I’ve attended at every age and in every state of mind.  I’ve changed sides more than once, only to end up where I began.   Every time a meeting is called, I arrive with a hope that this is the last one in this dimension.

There was a sincere sense of anticipation and agitation among the crowd.  The collective air was akin to rousing a person from a deep sleep in the early morning, maybe only hours after they had settled in to rest.

I’d been up for hours, and so my desire to move it all along was evident in my opinion.

This messages representative was a mixture of child-like and foreboding.  Like a giant baby that could crush you with a look of innocence, or literally kill you by stepping upon your tiny little head.  I knew that they sent these type of representatives to create a new layer upon the other layer.  Of course a giant baby will create cognitive dissonance, but a Giant Baby that CAN AND MIGHT DESTROY YOU, just created a new richness to the mental conundrum already presenting itself.

In my head, I thought ” what the hell is it today?”

The giant baby took to the middle of the square and gave a little giant cough.  It adjusted itself.  The pupils in it’s eyes went to constrict into tiny dots and then immediately readjusted to dilation, a large dilation taking up nearly all the color of the iris.

Of course I saw how cartoonish it all looked, but I couldn’t look away.  Those large pupils drew me in and I was ready for the most current updates and messages about my evolving community, these downloads always proved to be detrimental.  In no way could I expect to hear what came as our update.

“Free Will and Free Manipulation are in Full Effect.  If you choose to pursue provocation in Free Will, you accept the contract of Manipulation and the playing field is leveled.  You can choose to play or sit on the sidelines.  All energy counts. Intentions can be doubled, tripled or quadrupled depending on Manipulation and Will in tandem.  The stakes are increased for those who are not in tandem. This is the final game, the final rounds. May the strongest survive to share their stories and technique.   Until we meet again, The Evolution has begun.”

My brain and heart were in full blast.  I don’t know why I hadn’t considered this possibility but, I skimmed over it because that is how impossible it seemed.  I looked into the eyes of those around me, and those across the square.  Would I play the game or would I play observer on the sidelines?  Could I play both roles?  Shit.  Could I play ALL of the roles?   Only time would tell,  and by the look of growing panic I was sure that my need to decide would be initiated in three… two… one…

The square would be the initial zone of destruction. Friends and neighbors began to turn on one another. I knew that the only way to survive, was to escape and let them destroy themselves.  I needed supplies and a place of retreat in order to continue the observation.

It was obvious to me that I didn’t need weapons.  This was a battle of the mind and the heart.  I snatched up some food stuffs and bedding before I wandered to the highest spot of view that I could find.  I committed to playing and observing. Perhaps not in that order.  I knew that I would be found, eventually; I knew that they would be tired and at the end of their wits.  Wits would be my Savior


My Best Friend: Dear, Future Dog Friend

Dear Future Dog Friend;

The seed of you has been planted in my heart and I felt it a good time to compose this letter of acknowledgement, for you have some perfect, medium size paws to fill.

I know you won’t be Claddagh.  I know you won’t have her smell or swagger, you may even ignore my whistle because it is too close to hers.  Please forgive me, I am going to be learning with you.  I want you to feel confident that you are you, and you are mine in love and journey.

I need you to know that Claddagh set up a state of being in me, that will make our companionship possible.  She wore the ruts of my heart, where only a dog can roam.

My desire for a dog led me to Claddagh, and her sincere companionship is what makes it bearable for me to consider a new companion.  She may not have been perfect, but she was perfect for me.  Lucky for you, I believe in that perfection and that souls find their connection in each other.  Claddagh helped me love deeper, and you get the benefit of that depth.

I know you are out there.  I know you are waiting on me and that I am waiting on you.

I will be here at these cross roads when you show up; and when you do  we will both turn a new page.  I can’t wait to love on you and share the journey.  I can’t wait until I see you, eye to eye.  Until then, I will be watching and waiting.

Be patient, Sweet Pea.  I believe in perfect timing.  I believe in you.

Burn me

Burn me.

Burn every remnant of me.

Take what I leave and pile it into the pyre and burn it to the ground.  Let the wind carry my ashes into oblivion.

Burn every word, and every page.  Let every painting singe until the pigments bubble, burst and explode.

Burn me to ash.

Take the concepts I was born to believe in and throw them into the blaze.   Take the relationships I thought I could rely on and burn them beyond recognition.  Scald my skin and the the external parchment I used as protection.

Burn me!

Set flame to the fibers beneath my feet; those pieces of paper that were the meat on my bones that were let loose by the cool breeze of inspiration.   May the fire be so hot that I can do no thing, except disappear.

Set the fire strong.  Make sure all of the pieces are kissed by flames.   Make sure I smolder until I am gone.

BURN ME~ until there is nothing left to burn.

The tears I cry today, could put out a fire in the future but I would rather burn.



Game On

Dear Source of Creation,

Cheers SirMadame!  It’s sparked my mortal mind to write you a bit about my position.  You see, I am so far from perfect  despite my desire to attain such lofty spots of divinity. I know it shouldn’t, but it does bother me at times that I could sink into this mortal realm.

Admittedly I struggle with “oneupmanship” and a sincere desire to be “right” or “correct.”   I mean, who am I kidding, who doesn’t want to be in “good favor” at some juncture in their life.

Given the fact that we are all an extension of You, I suppose you know this about me and it’s possible that you may have placed this specific code into the construct of my DNA when you were slipping in on the sly while my parents were getting busy that one blizzardy winter night, in front of the fire place in late 1979.

It’s weird, ya know?  You know everything about me,  I mean even stuff I don’t know about me, yet… and you… well, you are Everything, and it’s really hard for a human to know or even understand EVERYTHING.

At this point I don’t think I can or have surprised you, much less disappointed you.  That is a nice place to be because I now understand that you know and understand me because we can not be separated.  Funny how we all feel so disconnected at times, while you are there, just cultivating what we are as parts of you in your infinite expansion of IS-ness and Beingness. Oh, Creation, you are to be adored.

I wanted you to know that I have started playing your game in a new way.  I have to hand it to you, the game is brilliant and confusing.  No wonder it has taken so long to get to this next level.  Bravo.  Certainly a job well done.   I know you are aware that there is a worldwide team of us trying to win the match with the tools we have acquired, and I get the sense that this pleases you because you can up the ante’ infinitely.

The consensus of my team, is that we are ready to go full throttle for the win.  No slacking.   This has gone on long enough and we are ready to meet our Maker, or ChessMaster or Creator…. I don’t know what you call yourself in these hip days of slang.

Our only stipulation is that we want to meet with you with proper concession in order to make sure all the rules and conduct are updated.

I’ve assembled teams to attend to corners and ends of all the needs for fulfillment on the board.  The players are locked and loaded with the ancient wisdom.  They’ve all been trained in the Akashic and their hearts are pure and willing.

We understand that we are not playing against you, as much as we are playing for the totality of the game.

Creation, we love you, but it’s time for GAME ON.  May our upgrades be organically glorious.

See you on the other side of the board.





Polarity and Me

Some times I have to talk, out loud, about the state of polarity in the world and this seems like a good time to do it.

There is a Matrix inspired concept of being “Red Pilled” ( you go down the rabbit hole) or “Blue Pilled” ( you live a superficial life and avoid the rabbit holes at all cost.)

I feel born “Red Pilled.”

I am at a point in my life, where even if I wanted to, I could never conform to the norm.  I would risk death by being myself, and I’m not even that controversial.  I think I am pretty logical about stuff, but I also have a strong spiritual foundation which influences my perception; I would say for the better.

Everyday people are being offered the red pill or the blue pill.  Everyday someone takes the red pill.  Every day several choose to keep taking the blue pill.   The concept of perception changing, willingly is scary.   It’s like choosing to take a drug that will alter your perception.  It’s one thing to get drugged without consent, it is a whole different thing to accept the unknown and ride out the journey, wherever it may lead.

I don’t want to be on social media, but I keep having to reconcile the fact that I am not “allowed” to leave yet.  I don’t make big marks because that isn’t the point.   I am the epicenter of an undetermined radius of beings that pick up on my electric fluctuation, in turn I feel their and we create a harmonization of frequency over time and space that levels the so called “physical playing field.”

The major resonance that exists world wide is vastly different then the mood or feeling that the MSM gives you.  It isn’t even close to the maps and charts dictated by polls, or analytics because the frequency being judged on a higher level, has mostly to do with the state of the mind, heart and intention plus follow through.

It also has a lot to do with our misconceptions of love and acceptance and how we play that out in the “real world.”

In my observation, most people will not take the red pill because it will flip everything on it’s head, just like Alice flipped down the White Rabbit hole.   It will flip definitions, perceptions and relations to the commonly accepted flow of expectation.

What I can tell you for truth, is that anyone who is drastically polarized enough to be consider “Far______” have taken the Blue Pill and continue to.

Those who have taken the Red Pill will speak through the levels of mourning.  They made a decision that would change their lives forever and lose normalcy as they know it.  They won’t want to celebrate holidays.  They won’t want to buy luxury vehicles or frivolous things.

Red Pillers want to pair it down.  Simplify, and try and extract themselves because the reality of the construct is so disgusting that it becomes hard to deal with.  Relationships become harder to maintain because it becomes near impossible to find common ground.  There is no more keeping up with the Jones’.  No more waiting in lines for new releases and Apple Products.

Red Pill makes you want to just get by until you die.  Do what you can for those living while you are alive.  Red Pill makes you attuned to the spiritual battle when once you may have denied there could be such a level of existence.

My whole early life was a push-me/pull-you of drive.  And I feel so blessed to have pulverized my dreams in the ways of my youth.   I am invigorated by the fact that I have deprogrammed myself into a point where nothing of this world is enough to stumble forward, toward.  That may sound cryptic, but it isn’t.  I have a freedom I can’t articulate, and most can’t comprehend.

Is there laundry in the afterlife?

I don’t know.  And even though I hope not, if there is, I bet it smells even better than Earth Laundry.

What I want you to know, is that polarization is a choice, but that choice is perpetuated by perception.  When you no longer wish to be in that polarization, you will find anyway you can to disrupt it and escape it.  “IT” will always try to pull you back in, but it becomes harder to slip into once you align your mind with your heart and use your will as a backbone.

My hope for my periphery is that they are able to sift and sweep through the bullshit, in order to see what games are at play within this matrix; then be moved to remove them piece by piece individually by expanding their movement beyond their perceived physical reality.

We live in a world of infinite energy.  Seriously.  We keep making, and the Universe keeps providing while we tell ourselves that we are in lack and the world is over populated.

It simply isn’t true.  But it’s the modern dialectic.  It’s true in subsections, elevated to exposure to posture the plight of the underdog, passing penance placed to those who claim to capitulate care.

Continuing the polarization of people.  Struggling to live, find balance and a leg to stand on.  Pulling apart partners who praise all but one thing.  Serving a conflict with reaction as a side and Solution as Dessert.

Placating those who know better by offering few options in a limitless World.


My Best Friend: Unsettled Awareness

I went for a walk today, obviously sans dog.  And something happened in my brain that I haven’t experienced in the decade I had walked with Claddagh.  I became aware of what other people may think about me, as I walk along, alone.

When I had Claddagh, our walks were interactive.  It was just her and me in the world.  I gave no thoughts to the perceptions of the individuals passing me in cars.  They only existed as obstacles in crossing the road, completely depersonalized inside their automobiles.

Occasionally someone might hoot out at me, grabbing my attention but mostly I would choose routes of alleyways and side streets without much traffic.

It’s a pretty straight shoot along a busy road to walk for a pack of smokes.   Dog-less the short trip is mind numbing.   I feel the cars pass, and I become extra aware of the expression on my face, my posture and gait.   I’m in this thought and I avoid eye contact with drivers.  I think about this solo jaunt and I’m sad and lonely.  I am sure my face has that “melancholy far off look.”

Each and every normal thing that I do, for the first time, again- without my friend, I make note of.

“This is the first time I have put gas in my car without Claddagh.”

“This is the fist time I am popping into Goodwill, real quick, without Claddagh.”

“This is the first time I am going through a Chick-fil-A drive through without Claddagh.  No one told me how cute she is and if she would like a dog treat.”

“This is the first time I am walking around downtown without Claddagh, and no one strikes up a conversation about her.”

This new internal narration doesn’t make a good movie. I am having a new conversation by myself with the world around me, and I am the only one who knows the inside jokes.

I was barked at by a squirrel for a good five minutes today.  Claddagh would have been amused.

When Claddagh and I would walk, I would try and see the world through her eyes and engage it that way.  The only time I would suspend this reality, would be on “athletic” jaunts where I would want to keep a steady pace and an elevated heart rate; other than that we would be as lackadaisical or as excited as she wanted to be while trying to maintain a lead that wouldn’t choke her.

It was only in the last year or so, that she was beginning to walk on leash like a well paced partner, no pulling forward for the lead. I was really starting to appreciate that shift in her maturity, but now I just think it may have been a side effect of her heart tumor.

If you are ever deciding to get a dog, get one that is young at heart and really foster that personality trait.  Much like people, they may age into later years and be mistaken for younger because of the youthful and playful nature they exude.  That is a precious energy to embody or be surrounded in.

#SimplePoem 2

I wish there was an “OFF” switch for feeling

Or a big  red button saying “REBOOT”

because I see- I am you, and I know those bruises but we feel complete with commiseration.

If I could find this proverbial fuse box, I’d break it; I might even rearrange the settings

Tamper with the electricity that powers this frequency that looks to destruct through connected unavailability

Here is me, silently okay in a quiet and dark corner avoiding the horrors we choose to ignore

But what do I know?

We can’t live with this dissonance if we ever have a hope or a chance for something better, because the weather is shifting, and most find themselves unprepared.

Hearts are shifting into definitions that have little relation into the articulation of the station in situations.

So what do we do when we are asked to respect old grooves while carving new corners?  There are many among us and not one of us was given a solid tome to reflect on. No book for “Modern Day Manual of Spirit, (For Dummies)”

But we die every day looking into the faces we may see in our proximity.   And the pain is so palatable sometimes we are unable to find remedy.  But we seek it.  Mr. or Ms. Fix-It, on the corner.

Today my eyes were opened wide on a past I had, because of the current situations of an old friend, and it required deeper introspection.

I’m floored.  I’d say more but I don’t need your questions to implore these newfound breaches of the innocent by their own accord.

Here is where I settle the score.  All IS FORGIVEN. I will keep living, and if my meek voice isn’t heard it will resound in a ROAR.

Until then I will stay in safe places around faces who pose no threat, because the best and worst yet, are to come.